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A fifty yard field goal by Zor line caps. The drive and the kickoff by their line goes through the zone over the head of Anthony Miller and the bears will start at their twenty five yard line. I down and ten four twelve remaining bears only one time out remaining. And of course, the two minute warning depending on how the strike goes in a six six ballgame. This is not the style. Again, I was expecting releasing and you have two teams that are second in fifth in points. Scored this season. The Rams thirty nine point nine bears. Twenty eight point seven four twelve six six ballgame. When the single back behind forbi- ski he'll get the carry to the right side. Trying to turn the corner. He does is ushered out of bounds. Just shy of thirty yard line. Cory Littleton there to run. Tariq Cohen out Rams, low first half this year. Tony they scored eight points against the Packers the Packers and the Broncos and the only two teams in the league to hold the Rams under thirty this year. Rams rallied in that game for a twenty nine twenty seven victory. But this is a rarity that the Rams have single digits on the board in any first half as well. And I think it's safe to say this is the stiffest test where this Rams offense facing the bears defense second and six of the twenty nine Colonel shift to the right side of Bisky and the gun. He's got three receivers Trubisky to throw sleeves it to the right side by Traber tight end trying to twist his way for the first down close to the thirty five yard line Johnson on the stop. He may be about a half a football short. And he is they need the thirty five. For the first and the balls at the thirty four and forty four slyly watch out to risky because here comes in Donald. It's the first time I think tonight, he's been solo block by the rookie James Daniels the left guard, and he just of James Daniels into the laboratory Bisky gift you're busy, Greta hanging in there. The last minute with complete that pass third and one at the thirty four forbi- ski under center the gift to Howard the battering ram trying to batteries way for a first down up the middle, and he'll get it to the thirty seven yard line. Whole host of Rams the interior of that defensive line converge on Howard. But the bears four for seven now on third down. I like we have the mix that Matt Nagy has right now head coach, he's the play caller. I thought they got away from the run too early last week with the giants in the second half. You.

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