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Move Ramirez on the mount against Luiz LA the left in. Her who spent three years in the Red Sox organization Eastland. Now a starting pitcher here in Tripoli for the Orioles. Then he slow was pitching through trouble. He kept the possibly the board through four inex-. Then at the bottom of the fourth harassment ran into two out difficulty walked jas Peterson gave up a single to chance Cisco, and then DJ Stewart the name you're gonna hear me talk about quite a bit over the next couple of minutes DJ came to the plate. And boy did he get a hold of this one drill deep deep way way way way out at rate. Goodness. That's about as far as you'll see this yard pedal. Scott into the river three run home run by DJ Stewart. All of a sudden it with a big rally Norfolk the board of leads. The pasta with comeback against E slow. They got a single run in the fifth through snake STO drove that home of the fielder's choice then in the sixth inning east. Lot was going up over one hundred pitches thrown after Sam Travis doubled in Gorky. Hernandez was hit right around the knee with a pitch. Josh still by a secretary the renter's over and coal sturgeon driven the second run with a groundout. So it was three to scar. Hernandez was batting the tying run was at third base and scar fill behind to strikes, but here's up. It's tied the game to stretch the pitch way outside and goes to the. The glove of Cisco scores. Is Shirley trusted from third and we are tied a wild pitch by Louis C slow. It looked like he was in the driver seat to keep the lead. But to fastball got away. It's three two three. Scar actually later in that bet would nearly give Pawtucket the lead. He hit high Tepe drive to left that was more than home run distance. But it just looked and so it remained three two three in the bottom of the sixth inning. Over near is gave up a leadoff double to Anthony Sunday. After a popout Russell walked chase Peterson to Patou on base and put suck. It went to the left-hander Bobby pointer in relief..

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