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Things which is very appropriate Today is february twenty fourth recording this happy twin peaks day. Everybody so yeah you can find all my we talk about here next up everywhere including doctor who torchwood thirteen adventures. Big finish audios. More all kinds of books. I news podcasts. For the southgate media group including we'll hey the forementioned the phantom zone podcasts. Were like jesse said. We're talking one division right now. 'cause we only got two more episodes of one division sadly and but after that we're going to do like a one off where we're gonna talk superman and lois so that's gonna be a lot of fun because it just watch. The superman lowest pilot. Last night was awesome. I loved one. Someone tweeted that. This pilot was one of the best superman movies ever made. Now i i will not go all that way because you and i both have a love about christopher rees the original. There's only one sister for reef eve the amazing book but i do think i am really looking forward to a couple of weeks. Talking about this Because the pilot was amazing. So we're going to have fun talking about that. And maybe a couple the next couple episodes as well by the time we get to it and then ghost with twin peaks podcasts. We're like i said. Hey is twin peaks day whereas in spouse whom you've heard something about recently when rachel was talking about it and i talk all things twin peaks david lynch and coming up tomorrow. We're going to be recording the very interestingly g. rated david lynch film that he did for disney yes. David lynch g. rated kill for disney. The not kidding about that street story that just finish watching it today and very good. I think you should watch it. I think you'd like it. I think jesse might like this one. It's disney plus if anybody wants to check it out so come on and then after you watch it check us out on ghost would as we'll do our little discussion of that and think it's gonna be a very unique discussion because for one thing zenden. I haven't seen this movie. Until like i said just today so it's gonna be very interesting to discuss a movie that we just both recently watched the first time ever and then also while you're at it checks. I out on drunk cinema where we just recorded our star trek to the wrath of khan episode a lot of fun with that. They had had a lot of alcohol once again. It made for very entertaining discussion in hope. Everybody that did listen to it. Enjoyed it if you haven't check us out because if you specially if you're a star trek fan or if you just enjoy movies in general because we've talked other things like young frankenstein buck..

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