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To have him back because you still have a chance mathematically and you have a big series this weekend with oakland even though right now you're chasing the red sox more than you're chasing oakland still gain ground teams. That are ahead of you. Obviously so i mean it'll be a good series for him to our. It's a good time for me back especially this series and you expect to see this The rest of the way out and now you're just waiting for the entire the entire offense to look at the same time yet alone. You're still waiting for the offense to do better with runners in scoring position. So that's still seems to be a bit of an issue especially when you're struggling. Do that against the orioles mark. You're saying that third game yesterday especially was very ugly ugly win based on how they won. Based on you know blowing leads to the baltimore orioles. Who are almost lost. One hundred games. I mean they're near that. And they're on track for the worst iran franchise history. I think they actually surpassed at her. You know it just depends on how much worse they make it. So we'll see what happens though that but vladimir guerrero junior to have you back because you know. I know some people were worried. I know some people knew this was just i guess. Short term thing. It's just finally happy. Birds finally get to see you know back attributing. Yeah the orioles suck. But i don't think that takes away from vlade. Not at all. You know like they were facing other bad teams. Any still didn't have his stuff. They're facing the nationals. The nationals don't suck as much as a baltimore orioles at least record wise. of course that's a little bit misleading. Because they traded everyone at the deadline and they're far worse team now than they were couple of weeks ago but still like he wasn't doing the things that we saw him do this series earlier this year earlier this month against bad teams now that he's doing it even if it is against a horrible team i'll take it. I'm still happy to see him back on the horse. Happy to see the blue jays. Offense hopefully get going a little bit. I'm still very skeptical about a playoff ron. I know we're the blue jays are getting back within striking territory. If you have this series against oakland you take two or three you pick up games. Oakland maybe you pick up a game on the red sox as well along the way the three and a half back like we talked about last time but there is a situation where it happens..

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