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Maybe he's you know, he didn't wanna come off as being, you know, a offending this California icon, if you will is that is that is he might being too cynical. As is just trying to, you know, someone put it in the star head wrote the today in sort of career preservation mode to try, you know, win by losing today. I thought your dance story really hit that point Joe. And I think that's exactly what we saw today. Whether it was because he was thinking future or he basically has given up or had bad strategy had bat opposition research. I mean, he loves so much on the table. Kevin daily on so many missed opportunities. Illinois subject turned to to water an in, and I agree with you. I thought the format was somewhat limiting really by design. I mean, Mark ball. Sorry and public policy. It's to cal- California. They're very substantive, very serious. Sorry, clearly wanted to cover a lot of territory and not haven't get into a tit-for-tat, which he succeeded in doing but still even if the format it's limiting limiting you. If you are a strong candidate, and you really want to win the election, and you've got the goods on your opponent. Then you you bust through that format. You know, you say well, hang on. Let me get one more point. I can't imagine that all the sorry would have stopped him at that. And that good example was water when the issue turn to water Feinstein gave her spiel Kevin Dalyell gave his spiel mostly focusing on the twin tunnels there's some vulnerabilities for Feinstein on water. You know, where she has sided with big agriculture interests. And and really drawn the ire of environmentalist that would have been a great opportunity for daily owned to to jump in. And and just having. Britain some at Tores about that over the years. I know it's also an issue that Feinstein very touchy about guess, she's very touching. And she's also an especially when he portrays himself as the hero to environmentalism here in California. And he has led some done some great legislation on that, you know, in terms of the you know that characterize the store in the chronicle. They'll come out sooner probably already is. You know, sort of the activists versus the 'institutionalised and Feinstein's quote here kind of kind of summarize her position, she said sure, you can protest, and we do, but they the Republicans move the majority regardless partisanship has become so calcified. She said that it's quote, it's like hitting your head against the concrete wall. You can March you can filibuster. You can talk all night. It doesn't change. Anything changes things are elections. And that's kind of that's a very realistic view of the role of Democrats in Washington where they are them inority from someone who's been there. Twenty five years in even in a divided government. It's difficult and even in all democratic government. Remember Dianne Feinstein talked about immigration reform. There was a time when the Democrats had the presidency in both houses, and they did not get immigration reform done. These are difficult issues in especially in the US Senate, which is very process oriented. By nature by by design by the founders, it's very much supposed to be delivered. If you know the place where you slow down things against the populist sentiment of the the day. And I think Feinstein really is ingrained with that. I think daily own you was trying to make the pitch that I can overcome this. But we shouldn't say it today. There were no direct digs at defies age. But there were certainly some. Basically thinly disguised ones time for a new generation. We things along those lines. What did you think about that? That was up to vague for people or was that did he play right, or what did you think? Why think daily own had no choice, but to play that very cautiously. I would say this about the age issue though, Joe is I talked to Democrats even Democrats are inclined to support Dianne Feinstein. It gives them pas she's eighty five years old at the end of her term..

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