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The city north carolina uh mobile alabama or assisting in flooring critical supplies of first responders in puerto rico power remains out to most of the island days after maria made landfall maine senator susan collins who shaping up to be the swing vote on the senate's latest healthcare bill but to hear her talk it is not looking good for the measures supporters ceremony concerns that grant republicans cannot afford to lose and other gop vote if collins votes against the bill would likely end once and for all their attempts to repeal and replace obamacare a small earthquake detected this morning in north korea near the site of that country september third nuclear test us geological survey zachary raves about a three point three roughly twenty five miles northeast of the heavy gong we've had seismic events here before some experts believe the latest quake could be an aftershock for north korea's underground nuclear test earlier this month iran claims to have successfully tested a ballistic missile mike fitzpatrick with the international institute for strategic studies says well technically iran didn't do anything wrong timing clearly is in response to president trump's accusations against iran could have tested whenever they wanted by they chose this particular time send a political signal that they're not going to be an undercover police officer and an air force lieutenant were among one hundred twenty people who were forcibly arrested last weekend in st louis when police began to clear the downtown area during protests over the acquittal of a white former police officer the killing of a black suspect reports say some of those caught in the crackdown weren't protesting and say officers used unnecessary force nba star steph curry won't be going to the white house to celebrate he's teams championship after the golden state star told reporters friday he wasn't interested in going president trump slammed him in a tweet today this inviting curry chris barn wall is with cbs sports dot com i don't know if they ever got the actual like we're inviting you to the white house and the patient or not but fans white now doesn't really matter they're probably not going to go and he doesn't really want the mary more it is too the president said it's an honor to be invited to the white house and because curry hesitated he was disinvited nba players from chris hill.

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