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It with his main rival. Jeremy Corbett. There'll be an election in just over three weeks called by Mr Johnson in an effort to resolve an impasse after he failed to persuade parliament to approve his brexit deal. Mr Corbin's Labor Party pitching itself as an agent of change Labor. We'll put wealth and power in the hands of the many Boris Johnson's conservatives who think that born to rule will only ever look after the privileged few Mister Johnson as promised to to leave the European Union as quickly as possible appealing to British public puts keen to move past the divisive issue of Brexit. If I come back here where they working majority in parliament then I will get parliament working again for you on day. One of the new parliament in December we will start getting our deal through so we can get brexit done. In January analyst countries potential. Neither man is especially popular nick. Mister Johnson's Conservative Party is leading in the polls. That's despite questions over his personal life which were raised again this week when businesswoman Jennifer or curate spoke to I tv about her relationship with him and I don't understand why you've blocked me and ignored me. An investigation is ongoing related to Mister Johnson's relationship with Missouri. When he was mayor of London he's denied wrongdoing? This week is curie alleged. That Mister Johnson had a child who he's kept secret but the debate steered largely clear of Oh choppy waters. British people have had some great TV. Recently I'm not just the Cran Dan but Prince Andrew's extraordinary interview with the BBC. This was not drama in that class. Emma Duncan is on our Britain team and was somewhat less than transfixed. Last night's debates. The format wasn't great. The participants were given such short term. Basically they mostly strung together a few stoke phrases said. Nobody was was on the edge of their seats during this debate. We'll we'll how did it start. How did Each of these candidates sort of set set off their their stole opening statements. Corbin essentially was saying on the vote for change and Johnson essentially was saying Kuban is the vote for continued horrific long-drawn-out uncertainty about brexit. And I am the gate brexit done. Vote suit it was slightly. Where in the sense that Kuban did a very competently learned statement? Straight to camera. Johnson was reading from a piece of the paper and given that he's got a reputation for laziness disorganization. That probably wasn't a great move and the defining issue for this election is inevitably brexit. Do you do you think that either one of the candidates performed better than the other. Yea On that one Johnson clearly performed better He's gone. It's very very very clear. Line which is vote for me and you will get brexit done get brexit damage what he kept saying during the debate somewhat to the audiences irritation Kubin did very badly on that in the sense. That Labor's policy is to renegotiate the deal. It's already been negotiated twice. We will have a referendum will abide by that result and after that to put the resulting deal you back to the country to another referendum and that firstly sand a bit exhausting to a country that is already fit up with this process. Secondly he wouldn't say how he would campaign in that referendum and Corbin is trying to conceal the void in the heart of his brexit policy and refusing to answer the question of which side Johnson pointed head. He's leaving open the possibility that he negotiates deal with the European Union and then campaigns against it which does send faintly ridiculous and there's another referendum issue to which again Johnson successfully prodded him on. which is that? Nobody thinks that Labor's GonNa get an overall majority one way that cool been could get into downing. Street is by doing a deal with the Scottish Nationalist Party. But the price of that deal would be the promise of another referendum referendum on Scottish independence and Kuban refused to rule that I'd say he sounded a bit shifty on both cans. Well Mr Johnson has a very well well known controversial personal life and career and in fact this week there have been stories coming out about a relationship. He had with an American businesswoman When he was mayor of London were any of those details explore during a debate? Not Really I mean it could have been worse for Johnson in the sense that some people were expecting getting a bold question Mr Johnson. How many children do you have because nobody really knows but no specifics were brought up and and there was quite a good moment which did demonstrate what the audience and the nation at large fields about Mitt willingness to trust Mr the Johnson when he said something along the lines of of truth Nashes to me and the audience laughed? And on Mr Corbin's parts. Did he score any sort of direct hits. Yeah he did on the National Health Service but really he had to. I mean attis Labor's home turf. Labor create the National Health Service. The tours I've been in power long enough to have to take responsibility for the strains that it's under at the moment through underfunding. Mr Cogan brought with with him a documents which he waved around we had lots and lots of black lines on it because it's been so redacted which he said was an account British negotiations Sion's with the Americans and there's a particularly sensitive point as far as the NHS and the USA is concerned? The left is is convinced that Britain. If it's run by the Tories will basically Opened the NHS to private American health companies and thus destroy the system. The country say loves so all told. What's what's your view? Did anyone win this debate. Will this debate make a difference to the election action. Do you think well Johnson Johnson. Just one eight. As far as the snap opinion afterwards is concerned it was fifty one forty forty nine to him I would say as of you're yeah he he did he just about one in buying those and he will be pleased with the event because he's on top in the race and he really just had to hold his own Kuban. We'll be disappointed because it could be needed to do something to re regain a foothold really because the numbers are so solidly in the jury's favor commend. Thank you very much for joining us. You're very welcome.

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