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So planning right there's only a couple of i think there's a couple of schools that got together we're gonna do a walkout spring break that works oh oh yes i am so sure that the kids that don't have anything to do today at school mind you are going to stop what they're doing whatever beach there at whatever all my gosh i'm sure there's walking out happening all over the country by spring breaker absolutely to show their solidarity of course show their solidarity of course of course oh my gosh it's an excuse to not be in class of course all it is is all this is except for maybe hogwash hogwash his crew cameron caskey who's the other one emma emma gonzalez they're the big bigwigs there the bigwigs that they they're all about it it's it's a shame that is still being put up here they are really being put on the air as a as a front to what would this country is i i don't get it but okay so those were the videos on blaze radio of children walking out those of you listening on blaze radio children were walking out of schools news aerial shots of children walking out of school and this this is such a what's the word and arco i can't even think of the word i'm sure they were just in and out in seventeen minutes they've right back in yes they all bunched up there at the shut there's no way because the seventeen minutes of silence.

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