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Now, this sex do not say shit about. I honestly was about to say I kept punch-up just because. If it's love making music. It's fucking wild. That's now the twenty eighth instrument used. Sampling. This is this is like they have like eight studio musicians to make that beach, boys. Outsource even the music. They haven't done anything. I'll say outsourced random McNally to get the funk and. This one is to the original beach, boys. I think they were the two that were like the add ons. And I think they were like, you know, I'm assuming they were placed in the studio by handlers at this point. Putter over to the full house set and then put her back to the studios they had a studio in house. Yeah. They live inside of them. Also. So in the video one of the whoever is like the league takes lead on the song is holding a saxophone this entire song. And this is all it is. I think that's Mike love. Okay. So I think he does play the sex, and I'm sure someone will hit me on the internet. I believe that I read that it that the name of the session player that played it didn't write it down. But it wasn't my club. Implant he's carrying he's holding a saxophone for the entire duration of the song. This is the only in Santa ration- what it's a weird decoration accessories. Sure, I love to just like what would go well with this suit. Oh, I can wear a fucking saxophone shacks really fucking peacock out there. Just like an electric guitar across your back for a night out in Hollywood don't have to play that's kind of fun. That's a rock vibe. Yeah. It's a power move. People ask if you play go do I never answer. I always carry football helmet and shoulder pads. Sorry got practice in the morning. What are? Oh, thank you. I'm thirty six angel. Port port up. Prince. I want to catch a glimpse. Great line. Like for her body because this is the first time he's saying he wants to see an I if it is. And it saying that her vagina is the port au prince. Maybe that's no get this. Get this ready Haiti. No trees China. No hair. Oh, Haiti is no tree. Yeah. I'm learning all the trees. Oh, that's a bummer. You can visually. See the difference between Dominican Republic Haiti. Because of how fewer trees are. Oh shit you fly over? I'm learning a lot about bushes. Yeah. Yeah. I'm saying Hugues trees every go. I'm a little older. So I prefer plenty of trees. A dominican. In a lot of ways. Oh prince I want to catch a glimpse. He doesn't want. I want to let's fly over. Yeah. I don't wanna take you there. But I just want to catch a glimpse. We can see a photo or just the fucking the cadence of these of the Martinique and this line. Oh, I well. And then it just resets. All right now. We're back to the chorus change the rhythm. It's and it's like it feels like this should be someone who's hasn't said anything one height mansion drop in for this. This is Brian Wilson to sing. Like someone's cousin was in the studio, and they were like, can I can I sing song, Mr. love fine. Okay. This part of France. I want to catch a we'll just throw it in your people are not still listening keep expecting like the Banda swell. And then it was something. That night. Yes. All right. I keep imagining that they're just going to play a different song in the middle of this song. Like Kokomo is the afternoon song in the nighttime song on this same beaches for because during Kokomo this fucking cocktail hound. He's guys plucking wasted and pre diabetic from having..

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