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Diana. Talk to you boy. We waiting for how many more names we have. Maybe ten. have you wanna show anybody. Hey good morning guys is tiffany. Hold on second guy. Up to julia. Gillard shohei julie is marquez. Mr wani moldy. Johnson is here on the market. Hey how're you shot. Net nasa rhinos yet. You're right fit my might be a little old dray. Shaw good morning. Drain the godfather. Sola tracy rate is in the building. Hey tracy Tiffany clicks on the phone. Good morning to you. Tricky louis is what's up. Tricky hey out to allen suave mcallister. Hey dr smith and the building because sweetness basis here. Good morning to you. Shut out to diane diane hog. Good morning the shore out of whereas in the building. Hey good morning to you. Tell us insist the soldier. Hey girl good. Learning comedian figure in a building. What's up and last but not least nirvana volvo gye said hey program on average its path and hanikos good morning to you and all the names for the day guy comedian one of the funniest dude deaf champ days. God bless you. We're real quick tiffany's on real quick less last august. If your mouth we get some weather and then we'll do you be fine. She's she's like this. I apologize puzzles. Sean like one of your people just said. Give me my money back be joking. that's fine. This is the battlefield this guy brian. This is what we deal with. Say thank you this okay here. We go different radio show right right. Don't worry about it. You developed tough skin on this thing. I i know you zoom they just you give instructions and they do an criticize with behind. The scene is happening in real sieg low back and real time. Okay what you do. They can't get this part of the allies back. I wanna make it special for them. We do here with bobby like like. of course. we're in a chat room and his allies going on. I'm not in a chapel. But what you wanna do is suggesting you want to stay away from all of that. There's a lot going on in here. All right so what happens is distracted. Yes and upenn center which we do is we gotta run right through this thing right because we're two three o'clock in the afternoon. Yeah the whole before you get the weather. A tiffany tiffany quick. I i know you guys are running out of time. I just felt like Letter on the show. And i wanted to just wish you. Congratulations it. sounds like you have a lot of big upcoming things in the future for this show and it's here and i can't wait till i am someone listening being like when i used to call him in that time to talk to me. 'cause i've talked me because they still big congratulations on that and leonard. Just i dunno. Leonard needs to go away. i'll i'll deal will ask goblets. Let's thank you bye-bye apart you have Chat remember we. Okay so what we do. Is we do one quick new story now we the week and so what's going on with the weather all this okay. This is what's happening. And you're part of town bethlehem. It is fifty four now. The highest sixty three. And it'll be sunny. Also in shrouds berg. Pa it is fifty four right now. Sixty two the high and it's sunny new york city cloudy fifty one now. The high fifty nine and los angeles california it sunny right now. It's fifty three and the high will be seventy five and that's the weather they give me so now with so when you do that don't react. Oh yeah i gotta say like. Hey the web is going to be sponsored by bob. Okay okay got it. Goes to the excitement this on. We training right now. Do the last two cities. Okay then let me say something and new york city right now. Fifty one high fifty nine and cloudy los angeles california right. Now you're at fifty three. You're going up to seventy five and it'll be a sunny day. Thank you so much august. I appreciate you the weather sponsored by today w. o. x. in rochester and also ninety four point five to wave in louisville. We appreciate your so probably what we do right. Now we're getting into gun announce a chat room number two we ask. Why don't we do that. that out the way i said in a loving way you.

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