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Get aaron blanchfield so the future's bright one twenty five cal pennington for mine not just because oh that whole fight flew under the radar but then just hearing the stories of her getting covert and being on a freaking respirator. Things i had no idea that she was battling and then to come back in you know. Have that grimy performance against Pans out who has been on a nice run that that was was an impressive performance and then hearing sort of the back story of how she got to that fight and i was flying under the radar anyways but sieber cal go in there and perform the way that she did super impressed with her so she would be my six player award winner. So there you go. We got some Some compelling questions. We'll take a few billion we try to so I'll just point out. One comment that i saw from mr ed k. Who said aka you make pigs stab bat again. And you're being relegated one letter. Don't wanna let her acknowledge this person i. I'm kidding i love. i love all the commentators. I love all the commenters you can. You can today or at a k. But that's what's at stake now. How how likely is rutan's next. Fight against the winner of dan hooker versus nasrat hack passed or will he face another unranked opponent. Now ak you. And i are going to have this discussion onto the next one tomorrow and i have for this and i'm going to save that for then but sean what do you think. Do you think sarokin will get the winner by by the way. We don't even know if dan hookers gonna make it's that bite at this point at that gives visa issues a very public right now. Hopefully monday fingers crossed can get vegas by thursday s. We have rough fight week for that man. But would you throw sarokin the winner of hooker and hack or would you. Would you go a different direction after that performance tonight. If it's up to me. I liked that i liked that fight. I think actually arm and that was one thing. I even forgot to mention when i was talking about arms. He sort of did the legwork early right like he sort of planted those seeds coming into this fight so he already had it set up to where dan's like legitimately kind of upset at him and like actually wants to fight him which that's the biggest hurdle of all when you get to these really deep divisions is convincing ranked guy to give you the shot when you're when you're not there when you're sort of on that periphery of the division. So i would love that. I think dan hooker has has had a really crazy slate of top contender. Fights really tough tough fights against the best guys in the division and he is due for the very similar. Like anthony smith esq. Hey come back to the back of the line. Work your way back up by a couple of these up and comers and then we'll give you another top five guy like to me if he beats nazaret even loses like i would absolutely love to to see that fight feels like a proper escalation for armand to me while not really messing with dan's trajectories. Well actually like the casey I i hope it's a hooker fight..

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