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This week to guests. First up from CBS sports, Greg gumbel, Greg is entering his 50th year of broadcasting and really enjoy talking to Greg great interview. I think you guys will like it a lot. For my wrestling fans out there, Seth Rollins follows gumbel and as Seth always does when he comes in this podcast, has a lot to say and stirs the pot and we talk about WrestleMania coming up this weekend with Rollins and then train of thoughts with my buddy's avocado, where we read some apple reviews and get into more complaining about streaming issues. So stick around for that. So it's Greg gumble. Seth Rollins, train of thoughts all on this episode before we get to it just a reminder if you missed last week, tri Aikman gave us his first national interview after leaving Fox for ESPN and Troy got into a lot of the backstory there. So check that out if you didn't listen to it in the archives, other recent guests on the podcast, Chris Russo, Mike florio, Molly Kieran. Check those out in the archive subscribe to the SI media podcast and if you could rank review that house. And as you'll hear later in train of thoughts, I'll read some of the reviews. All right, let's get to it, Greg double followed by Seth Rollins followed by train of thoughts right here. On the SI media podcast. All right, joining me now, first time on the SI media podcast, and I don't know why I waited so long to have him on pretty ridiculous, entering his 50th season. As a sports broadcaster, 50th year. Quite a feat. From CBS, he's been all over your TV for the past couple weeks with the NCAA tournament, Greg gumble, Greg, how are you? I'm good, thank you..

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