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Of bells marked a passenger planes impact with the World Trade Center on when the towers fell 19 years ago. Walker in the pandemic meant the recitation of names of the 2753 victims was recorded at the official commemoration. Raymond Brent Hearst and read in person at an alternate ceremony nearby, isn't it just That we read their names out loud, the remembrance of one unimaginable event altered by another Aaron Carter Ski ABC NEWS NEW YORK The attorneys for four former Minneapolis police officers, officers charged in the death of George Floyd suggest Floyd died from a drug overdose and not by being pinned by his neck to the ground under the knee of one of the officers in any of the misinformation to try and get you to change your mind. It's attorney Chris Floyd, who Stewart who represents the Floyd family, You're listening to ABC News. Stay connected. Stay informed. The top five and five from coma News. Good evening. Comeau News time 502. I'm Rick fan sites in Seattle and Charlie harder with more than 620,000 Acres burned in Washington since Monday, Governor Jay Inslee says these five days have marked the second worst full fire season in state history. This is a fire through across the state of Washington. We know what both in Eastern Western Washington and as bad as it is here, it's worse in Oregon, with Anjali saying evacuee. These are headed to Washington for shelter. I'm Ryan Harris with the warning from local health officials that the wildfire smoke in our area is already unhealthy and could get worse. So you're being told to stay home and close your windows and doors to keep dangerous particles out. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan says all park and recreational facilities will close through Sunday. While the threat caused by unhealthy air is undeniable Threat of Cove in 19 is also undeniable, Durkin says. That's why emergency shelters for the most vulnerable homeless people are being set up. Faces with air filtering systems and plenty of space well because of the ongoing Sumner Grade wildfire. A portion of highway for 10 from some dirty Bonney Lake will be closed into next week. A two mile stretch of road is shut down from 166th Avenue East Veterans Memorial Drive. And before it can reopen workers need to replace long section is a guard rail damaged by the fire and check for rocks and other debris that could fall onto the roadway from the scorched hillside. Aviation regulators from Europe say their pilots have now finished test flights of the 737 Max Todd Curtis with airsafe dot com tells us about the Mindset of the European Agency, even if the FAA says it's okay. We will do our own tests, and only after we do our own tests. We give up the seal of approval next week, European Union Aviation Safety Agency members will meet in London to begin discussions about data gathered by the test pilots. It's unclear when the Max could be re certified. Their Boeing leaders have said that they hope to re certify the jet in the U. S by the end of the year. And on this 9 11. That.

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