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ORIENTED PRACTICES TO ENGAGE WITH so As as a parent. Seeing children flourishing plight. Being folks fat. Now. Would be an advocate and you know I get. into. It up, in Africa that. Place should be. About With main contextualized. Activities whether it's clear. purpose where it means something we don't always know what's meaningful to all the kids who are in front in across. But. Crossing. Bikes that guiding biased activities if we WANNA, use a particular pedagogy refers to particular activity areas. Games but. We should lots working taking that approach and put in into non games. Three positive pedagogy very much what I would buy into I would advocate with the training of what that's not to say, we never come out of games We never come out of plight we never come out contextualized practices a thing. That has to be atomic place to do that, but that's driven by the needs of the of the learners. So I think play is is super reaching learning possibilities outcomes, and now I think we don't really needs to come out with it. I think it should be the dominant married. Wedding to secondary school and this is the other thing that. We have lots of conversations about winning is is always associated with very young children. and. In the UK we stop children younger than any other nation in. Europe with. -Education. The young children are in class. In A. Four five years of age so plays always associated fat what we one that that foot seven year old is great but. I think he's absa the appropriate old white through teenage years and even in a sporting context of favorite. Videos was watching. The Spanish football team when they were. Far, away the best football team in the world and playing they were playing in chain tag than if you have a sore at Chiang Tag. Up. And of course, there's purposeful lightest change direction as acceleration..

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