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He got a respirator. Everybody in test it. Wash, your hands, long. Sanitized for the haters, I mean he doing to checklists. Pretty good song. I mean it was less than five people. US CDC is you say to get guidelines for offices to reopen? they guidelines for how officers can safely reopen the make run virus pandemic. How crazy how they are going to be low-capacity. You can't be like everybody. Come on, bring your answers back to work. The first step before even any workers even say, foot into building is to make should always been properly cleaned. This includes ensuring ventilator systems have clean filters and other dangers such as Roma's and mold growth or remove these things that were done before. S. A QUICKER because. A lot of people rent, you know. When you rent, it's up to the people that do the rental properties do that not. Not, US though they're not doing, what do you do? I was also suggested. Windows are open to let as much air as possible. Circulate throughout the building. Do they know how office buildings work most? Don't have open windows. Any common areas such as meeting Rosa Cafeterias will have to be redesigned to make sure no one contracts the virus. This include size reminded people to social. This is where face, Bass and use proper hand, hygiene, additionally number people on the elevator should be limited with everyone standing six feet apart. And elevated you. Personally that time. That's what the elevator expe-, the CDC also recommends chairs and research areas. We removed the have signs forbidding seeding. Close interactions within six feet with employees, clients, others as potential source of exposure opposite is also have to be re-engineered. That's replaced six apart, and if that's not possible, physical, see through barriers. Should be erected around apart each person, and that's not happening like you asking them to do she did. They're not going to do or not. Don't have the capability of doing every employee's to get daily or in-person temperature system checks before entering the workplace. Doorknobs and refrigerator handle should be disinfected as often as possible. Trash cans should either have a foot pedal motion sensor. Are you looking. Rely Debt. Just listened today rules in the cafeteria. Kitchen areas coffee pots water cool in bulk snacks should be replaced with alternative prepackaged single serve items. Also at least temporarily, employees are cars travel to work via car. Single occupancy rise shares bicycles. Yeah, no one thinks about that light when you go to office. How about the people that get there? 'cause they have to take public transportation, they don't have it to us. My don't have a vehicle right like they do now sitting in office with the person that sat in the bus that you know so like if it's possible to work from home gotta just keep working from home I think this means. Means many fewer workplaces for workplace per floor. Reducing the density considerably Peter Kim Mo publisher. FM Linka publication about facilities. Management told The New York Times, where will the remain at work as we house with a furniture working in new layout with their be while there are many solutions, these author, mccraw, substantial thought and budget. That little likely doesn't exist. Yeah, in companies, not going to do it and I. I Don Don Don Yeah Company is about saving money we. The pandemic has caused a lot of companies actually lose money, so they're not trying to add any extra. Unnecessary Calls Shit, so a lot of companies are going to be like nichols stay as their home if they were already in, you know many people are but I know we're not win before we invest all this money. We rather you just. Just, stay at home, and then you know all these rules regulations. They're not going to do this. Because you're also countering going to tell the truth, you cannot. You cannot going to clean people. We've a lot of people didn't even clean the kitchen. The Coffee Pot and shit when everything was running. Normally you that they're going to do it now. No, you gotta get some Auto Serbo Cop trashcans care. Of Us as though and my thing is a truth, be told. How do you know how many people like you said have Brad public transportation? How many people may have been around people with covert nineteen in La? How many people are here at these protests? How many people was carrying guns the other protests? You don't know you really got hope the people that are on your company Maga- right come on because they are they going to get back to work slaves writing, bring y'all ain't moving shit dame changes. She hitting on. Tell you OUGHTA. Has Back to work. Use Your own p. p beast you. You know Yo bitches. Well remember week ago, we were clown and all the white people at these rallies without mask. Say Reopen the country. 'cause we gotta get our haircut and Nails D it well. Wisconsin reports a record number of new KHURANA vise, cases and deaths. No Shit. Yeah everybody. Is Funny, though like everybody go where young people die Nigo fucking Oh. No a house numbers never. Yes, Bitch! That's what we told you. So now you know that's not a place that has a lot of. Of deaths in the first place, but it went up. You probably should have been going down if everyone would have kept doing business stand in the house. It probably keep going down, but I jump back up and it's only seven days. We noted that Achey Beijing period can be between. You know four four to fourteen so this may go up again next week. Right and is also one of those things with that particular state. More people are spaced out. You know you have your big populated cities, but a lot of people are spaced out, but when you go no younger together again, this is the end result. So stay report at five hundred and ninety nine new now Kobe nineteen cases on Wednesday we're twenty two deaths, Gordon Wisconsin Department of Health Services. The highest recorded daily rates pandemic began there as a wisday to stay have more than sixteen, thousand, four, hundred sixty, no cases in five hundred thirty nine deaths, the previous record Muka arrives cases was five twenty eight the week prior. Wisconsin also issued a record number of test results Wednesday with more than ten, thousand, three hundred, so that could be a big part of it down, also tested more people. Mind the people who tested are people that have symptoms correct. You're not kissing everybody. Yes, so they have more tests, but that may also be like. We're able to test more sick people. so as to dramatic people not may not be being tested. CORREC- so yeah. Real banana me so gutted bar. Corona buys Denmark opens their border too divided lovers so day mark when they shut the borders down were couples who were separated. You Know Oh. You all want side I'm on other stabber now. We can't see each other because each side just shut it down, so you live in the nordic, countries or Germany? You can navigate Denmark again so. People that you know. People that couldn't see each other that starting to open it back up for them to be able to see each other's. One in five English people you know, English England okay. Believe Kobe is a Jewish conspiracy. What. The Jews have a weather machine, apparently and writing code. It cove it on people. Go. You say they do man how much you gotTa Hate Jewish people to get to this. Business. They blamed for a Lotta Shit. They give. Everything! Jewish people bitch. We just trying to like everybody else the fucking. English, we will have hotels English hotel. How did they.

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