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Bay. Good afternoon. I'm Denise Know Cano. The condition seemed to be improving in much of the area. As a three day storm begins to move out. K y W Christian Joe Hansen has been driving around Philadelphia and Christian. What do you see him? So, Denise, I'm in the right off of Kelly Drive, and most of the roads in and around this area just around the city are clear. I mean the religious wet For the most part. It's really the road. Obviously, the smaller roads, the neighborhood roads that are not clear but more slushy and wet. It doesn't seem to be that slippery at this point. One of the things that the office emergency Management the streets department are asking everyone to make sure that you clear off your cars if they were outside in the snow, because they don't want that snow falling back and hitting another windshield or another person. Ah, you know, as you drive by, uh, a couple of the cars have seen neighbors kind of going ahead and trying to dig out their cars from being kind of cloud in which seems to be just kind of other people just letting it happen. Just seeing where the snow's gonna kind of melt, But people are kind of helping each other figure it out, and I've also seen a lot of small businesses trying to dig their own stores. Out, and especially in that front walkway area, as they are obviously, depending on customers trying to come to their stories in the middle of a pandemic, Denise A lot of clearing up and digging out to be done. Today It is 102 and the storm's impact on covert vaccination centers will check into that after traffic and weather on the twos. Check it in now with Stevie Thanks, Denise. The biggest problem we've got is 95 South found closed. Everybody forced off its street road. That's 1 32, and you can get back on at Woodhaven. It's just a little bit of a headache, getting back on and off the rest of 95. Generally, okay. Most of the roses you just heard from Christian Jo Hanson are wet in the area, but a lot of them, especially the secondary roads and the neighborhoods. Do. A lot of snow might have looked clear a little bit ago. But then somebody dug their car out. And now there's no all over the road again. And unfortunately, that happens, so just got to really make sure you're aware of your surroundings. We've got war, with police saying that York Road South bound Only one lane is blocked near Meyer way because of an earlier crash in Montgomery County Valley Forge Park Road at County Line Road. That broken down vehicle or stuck vehicle. Whatever was they've got it out of there, not seeing any problems, and then we've got an accident in Cheltenham Washington Lane. A township line road may want to avoid that for a little bit, and we're not seeing any big problems right now on the bridges into an out of South Jersey, however, you want to keep your speeds down a 25 MPH. That's the posted limit in New Jersey on the Atlantic City Expressway. It's still 35 MPH, and they're still doing some cleanup from an accident on the Atlantic City Expressway eastbound Past the Winslow Township Air Winslow Township exit that's exit 33. The two left lanes are blocked because of that, and the Delaware Memorial Bridge. If you're headed into Delaware, there's still some falling ice from the overhead signs. So make sure you're very aware of where you're headed. There is some flooding in New Jersey as well in and around Atlantic City, some on 1.

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