Angela Wright, Twitter discussed on On One with Angela Rye - DACA for Dummies (feat Attorney Alida Garcia)


Um for the folks who don't know you add yet i know that they will soon as i thank you for your allies ship for the many ways in which you've taught me as assistant friend as it is an advocate in is an activist on so many issues not just on immigration i thank you for being patient i thank you for not being afraid to to ask tough questions and i thank you for the grace that you gave a letting me as dumb questions um i hope that we can continue on in this fight in that were you when you get tired there are those of us around you to help lift up your arms um and civic continued a cheerleader your work on into push with you and to be responsive with two the asked that you have but i thank you so much for taking your time um to the to do this conversation segment with me on on one with angela wright thank you so much so please for those of of the listeners who may not know you as well tell are folks were they can follow you on twitter you can follow me at leeds l e e d s garcia is he needs to get informed on daca ina tweeting machine on this year so glad that a leader could join us today y'all are gonna need a little bit of a break from this daca substance just to gear up for the lies jeff sessions told yesterday in announcing the recission of the daca program my.

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