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Schwimmer. So satisfying to now, yeah. And then David Schwimmer will of course go on to play, Bob Tashin Ashen and the people vs OJ Simpson the Ryan Murphy, show and the world will go on to forget the existence of the movie wolf entirely. Okay, so American tragedy. Be Lawrence, Schiller. Book Has Auguin Paula Barbieri standing in the side yard, holding each other I want you to leave Simpson said she was carrying defiant. I'm not leaving. I don't want you to see this look. I didn't do this thing. I love you and I want you to stay strong I'll be alright AC has money to get you back to Florida. They gave her the money. And robuck says Paula was crying wouldn't get in the car AC given the money and get her out of here Simpson, said angrily her dashing and cowlings half escorts. Half bodyguards got in the car. It was embarrassing. Paula is depicting her phone. Okay is having this fairly prolonged sweet moment where he's like. You remember that guy you told me about back. Home Hind Him Mary him instead and in this version. Okay is basically trying to get rid of her. But which one do you think is more plausible I am inclined to believe the substance of what Paul is saying, but maybe not. That happened so nicely as depicted. You know he's like he's been pretty heavily sedated this week, right? He's not making a ton of sense. He's seeming kind of affect plus. It's interesting. That Paul writes a scene where he's able to really like show up her right, but on the other hand he's historically. Kind of thing kind of on autopilot so like. Seems likelier to me that like the man writing a book about like the defense team who seemly. Very uninterested in Paula. Generally like she's barely depicted in this lifetime, we're ready to believe that lay it happened, but that like Polish version of it makes that may be nicer than it was. Yeah, or they had that conversation two days previously, and she's sort of poured into the scene because it's like its narrative, more convincing that way. That's true, too. That happens a lot in the way that we remember things like. We unprompted, will I think subconsciously kind of stick together parts of different memories to make a coherent story kind of depicts the whole of a relationship. And if she's giving herself that moment at all, inaccurately than like whatever..

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