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I wanna talk about two guys. Who had good series and two guys who are going to be crucially important if the yankees are gonna make this year gleyber torres. I would say i think i said this on our show before the For the second. The other guy. Jason tom i i want to talk about gleyber torres. Do you think labor torres is the most important offensive player to the yankees success in the second half meaning him. Having a good second half could make or break. The team offensively. I mean assuming the other the other situations are going the way they're supposed to. It's hard to say one is more important than the other. But if aaron judge would have off the plane at the no no okay. But i'm not. I'm saying if one guy needs turn it around if they need gleyber torres back to almost what he wasn't eighteen and nineteen i think if the team's going to have success in the second half the remainder teams to continue to do what they're doing and gleyber torres these get his ass back on track for sure there's about because he could make an absolute impact on this team. That's it in a very small small sample size. But yes he hit two homers. This weekend he had some good at bats. Walk three times all good stuff So i i. I don't know what else we can take away from the weekend other than it was a good weekend for him like we've seen him have good series before and then fall into a black hole so i hope he doesn't do that again. We'll see that's all. I'm saying is i think he is. I think he's he's a he's like he's he's the x factor. Listened to you. Love her. you're listening to this podcast for a long time. You know my history x. factors gleyber torres is extremely important piece of this of this team because of his offense of proud that we saw eighteen. Nineteen word prowess makes me. It feels like it's just really like you're you're doing really well in something to the ability. It's such a great word but the we've seen where he can be and and when he when he's the type of player that he was eighteen nineteen even take back down ten percent twenty five percent. And you're still looking at a very guys that eighty percent. I said. eighty percent if eighty percent of that. That's fine too. The the the bottom line is is the guy's got to get back on track with his with his mechanics. Saying this all your. And i even tweeted it out a couple of days ago before the series started or right before that first home run was like they talking about his mechanical problems. Which is something that. I've been touting for a while here. We looked at the numbers last time. And you're seeing some of them. You can see the mechanical problems in the numbers. You can just see them in the way that in the way that he swings launch launch angle has launch angle with was drastically. Different in to me. When you're looking at launch angle or no launch angle in the way that you teach something if you're trying to do the same thing and the angle of your swing is different than probably a problem. Just trying to do what you're doing not to mention that just duchess to me equates to mechanical problems all around because it's out of certain it at a different plane because of multiple things and we're starting to see him. This week is getting his. Get his foot down. They've been talking about that a lot. That was a big piece for gary sanchez. Getting that foot down early being able to hit being ready to hit before the ball is getting there and not playing from behind. He was doing on that first game on friday night. Hugh looked terrible. He was sobbing. He was no has no individual at that. He looked bad he was he was just like the risk for breaking early he was he was. There was nothing from his lower body even connecting with the top of his body and his way and they made a quick switch. I guess after. I saw my tweet and realize that they're being lazy for two years and then they He started hitting the ball and the ball started. Going out of the ballpark. Wow amazing hit line drives and guess what happens you see home runs. That's what i need him to get back to at eight thirty three pm on saturday night. You tweeted labor's power struggles in twenty and twenty one or mechanical w t.f. The yankees coach has been doing for two years so that was what like twenty minutes before his home. Run for thankfully. I mean this is the this is finally the the tipping point. I've been talking about this for weeks and weeks about. Can we just simplify his mechanics. Please get him back to basics. Get him back to being. Ready and hitting line drives seaman. All say need. That's what he needs. We've seen small bursts of that. I think the white sox series when the yankees swept the white socks glacier had a bunch of hits in that series and he just looked calmer at the plate not the bat waco was lower leg kick was lower. Everything just seems simpler but then fell back into the abyss. So so that's the thing. Like i worry he's not a he's a player that can take spiral said this million times can spiral if he spirals it gets really bad for him. Well guess what. The two coaches need to be there to contain that spiral confidence in coaching staff..

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