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New York congresswoman Carolyn Maloney as acting chair of the house oversight committee one of the three panels investigating president trump as part of the impeachment inquiry the house has observed also a moment of silence in honor of the Maryland ramp who died today house Majority Leader Steny Hoyer a fellow Maryland Democrat said Cummings was a quiet man who did not seek the limelight but was not afraid to step out into the arena and fight hard for the causes in which you believe strongly well you're said those costs include justice equality opportunity civil rights education and children and mail it's only Republican member of Congress is leading an effort to censor the man leading the impeachment inquiry against president trump for him to run this hearing in secret its Soviet style that's the only way I can describe the congressman Andy Harris speaking of intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff whose refused to open hearings or let members who were not directly involved in the inquiry attend them he tells W. I. males mornings on the mall selective leaking means that the news stories that are being published about these meetings are entirely one sided and not reflective of what's going on here is concede his censure motion again ship who is in the majority party will likely never see the light of day John Matthews on WMAL and WMAL dot com the district could be one of the few jurisdictions in the country to decriminalize prostitution council member David Grasso proposed avail that would allow two consenting adults to exchange sex for money without being charged criminally sex trafficking would remain criminalized executive director of the children's law center Judy Sandel tells the council today if the buying and selling of sex is completely decriminalized in the district there will be an increase in demand which will lead to higher numbers of traffic.

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