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Saw enough from Joe judge you feel comfortable enough with Joe judge that they just move ahead and hired him as their next head coach never having spoken the mat rolled for Josh McDaniels with Matt ruled always Caroline and Josh McDaniels now slated to interview in Cleveland on Friday with the Browns about their head coaching vacancy with them being the last team here that has an opening we'll see how all that works out if the Browns code McDaniels in Dallas all signs pointing to new coach Mike McCarthy wanting to keep offense of coordinator Kellen Moore on the staff and more is leaning by all accounts towards staying cowboys expected to hire Jon fossel special teams coordinator and add Jim Tomsula as the defensive line coach the red skins Avenue offense of coordinator at Scott Turner son of a longtime NFL coach Norv Turner Lakers forward Anthony Davis took a hard fall on his tail bone in those one seventeen one eighty seven win over the Knicks last night X. rays were clear lebron James help they'd be fine which we believe he'll be five so most of my fourth Davis also turned down a four year one hundred forty six million dollar extension to stay with the Lakers but this was expected he could get an even bigger deal to remain in LA next summer nuggets look to close out their five game road trip with a win in Dallas tonight tip at five thirty am ESPN college hoops last night Air Force men over Utah state seventy nine to sixty that's sports and came away the home of the Broncos buffs and Rockies dailies time seven forty seven down Colorado's morning news Ron is carried out missile strikes against two bases in Iraq where US military is station calling the action revenge for the killing of a top general NBC's Christopher left see says following the developments are is following developments I should say from Beirut there have been some reports of Iraqi casualties but so far no American casualties to speak of either at the airfield base in northern Iraq or at the al Asad air base in Anbar province at the Pentagon confirming that more than a dozen ballistic missiles were launched from inside a run on Tuesday the president will speak about the latest with Iran coming up at nine o'clock our time we will monitor that a southern Colorado man who survived the September twenty twelve attack on the U. S. embassy in Benghazi thinks the U. S. is making the right moves on Iran the only way to take care of a boy's punch in the nose and that's what Iran is mark Geist says Iran has long tried to throw its weight around the Middle East he believes it's time to start pushing back against the regime a mystery getting more mysterious the Air Force says the mysterious Strom sightings over northern Colorado are not part of the program being run out of FE Warren airforce base in Wyoming two dozen companies in the governing governor decisions have denied any connection with the drones including Amazon Google in the U. S. Geological Survey a task force has been formed to try to determine who's using the drones and for what purpose police are searching for a woman charged in a crash that cost a local musician his leg terrace tutor failed to appear in a Colorado springs court on Tuesday and a warrant was issued for her arrest she's accused of driving under the influence and vehicular assault for crash last July musician Mike Elmore lost part of his right leg and suffered other severe injuries in that crash former state Republican Party chair Steve house is picking up a key endorsement in his bid for a seat in the U. S. house he's getting the backing of current Colorado fifth district congressman Doug land born houses attempting to unseat current congressman Jason crow in Colorado six district in this year's election and finally White House adviser of aka trump says her dad's administration has worked to create programs to retrain American workers she spoke Tuesday at CVS in Vegas see that every Connie googly almost says it was a controversial choice to have her speak so there are some.

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