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In Denver to see the Broncos lose to the Rams you call the game Broncos have now dropped four in a row. Coach Vance. Joseph says, quote, everyone is fighting for our lives stink. How bad are things in Denver right now? Well, they're bad. I mean, you can't lose four rogue couple that with last year losing Nate in a row. I think Vance, Joseph is one in ten on the road since he got there as the head coach of the Denver Broncos and then you go to the jets and you only get ramshackle them. You gave three hundred twenty three yards. Rushing the first team in history to give back to back Russia's for two hundred yards. Is it bad? Yeah, everybody everybody's on alert. Everybody's job is on on point, right? Everybody except John Elway John Elway just like his quarterback. He got that hit coach thing wrong. I hate to say everyone ain't cut out the beano head coach, and I don't believe that the Broncos have one is far as their head coach. I guy prior to get fired right there in them. If they lose Thursday to eras on Josh Rosen a quarterback, they could drafted five by the way, then I don't know of fans, Joseph survives it to the next week at Kansas City. I in the latest would love him. Bowel reports were that bell would show up sometime this week thinking was that he choked up in week, seven Steelers by week at paid, and then actually play in week announce being reported. The Steelers are not expecting beltway return this week after all stink. What do you make of all this? I just is so interesting to me that we as players have all thought to make the league better that we could get paid, that we could get taken care of that we could get insurance that we could get all these things. And here's a guy fighting for his right to get paid to get a long term deal, not a fake long-term deal, but a real long term deal with guaranteed up from money and the players in that organization. Have sided with the leak. Never. I never ever at any time in my life seen and then now it's like, oh, well, why doesn't Levy on wanna be here? I wanna play with you guys either. Wouldn't. Why would I wanna play with you a bunch of Benedict Arnold. I have never in my life and you can sit there and say, this is this is why to me, the Steelers are the one of the most talented teams in the in the National Football League, and they'll win a lot of games..

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