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These are people who don't have a lot of money, and yet they give and they give and they give And make sure that this community is being fed and that they have tents and blankets and sleeping bags and clean water and It's because they care. Nobody asked them to do it. They saw that the Los Angeles government led by Garcetti wasn't doing this work and they did it themselves. And If we would all just do that, like realized that you don't have to change the world but feed one person. Oh, and see what happens it just every day. I think about them and I support them as best I can with money, and I would also happily go and feed people and just sort of work the food wine. I don't I'll do whatever. But they have just it's just humbling to see. Like what These young people are doing and How much better the players you know the world would be if everyone just took it upon himself to help one other person, and everyone talks about that like that. We have to change through care. It's not gonna happen through indifference. And I think it's also getting it. This question of self care to I mean, Hey, How are you during this pandemic? I know you've talked about how therapeutic baking has been. For example, in all of this that Yeah. I mean, how do you exercise self care if you want to share You know, I'm not really great at self care on sort of part of the generation missed that. But again, Jenna and I were just like whenever something terrible, you guys Trying, Tio. I am trying to remind myself that I can take the entire world on my shoulders all day every day, which is very hard for me as a workaholic. It's challenging. But I did try to remind myself of that I do try to allow myself to step away and I'm doing that more and more, especially with regard to social media. Because I find that it's incredibly toxic. I also don't watch 24 hour news if I can help it because It's too much. We don't need to be informed 24 hours a day and I personally don't need to be informed. 24 hours a day. I feel like I have a really good handle on what's going on in the world without watching CNN. We're talking about Roxane Gay. We're talking with Roxane Gay about Audrey Lord and also about her. So if you have questions for Roxane gay about what she's doing these days, she's a lot of projects going on. And also if you want to reflect on the life and work of the Lord, and how Audrey Lord influenced or inspired.

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