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Golick and wingo today, he seems to think this is a much bigger deal than Boeing the crazy thing is everyone was talking about how dominant they're going to be adding boogie cousins all of these different elements at the warriors can do. But without him understand that there are they lacked depth on their bench. Fortunately, they ended added Andrew bogut. But now all of a sudden everyone's minutes start to accumulate and start to get up early on in the playoffs. Which isn't a great thing for them. And that's what you mentioned. This is a team that you've got enough wear on its tires. You take out the ability to give some guys to blow when they need to. And you change the dynamics in terms of the the big man who can who can spread the floor and give them something in the paint. If their shots aren't falling because their legs are tired. We'll see what bogus. Gotta guess chance to be a hero straight out of Australia. Pass the ball screens fam- Spain and Fitz. Russell Wilson got paid. And just in the nicotine apparently because he had given the Seahawks deadline of midnight Monday for a new deal, according to Adam Schefter, he did not intend to revisit negotiations this year. If there wasn't a deal by that point. And as you just heard about forty five minutes after the deadline. He went on social media. And he let everybody know that a deal had been done. But he didn't just do it in a normal way. I dunno sitting in a chair or even wait till the morning. He did it while lying in bed with his beautiful wife and sounded a little something like this. We may have taken some liberties with the music. We got a deal. Almost the more. Go to go to sleep. One. I'm sorry. We made a mistake that was actually the sound of two people on the bachelor going to the fantasy suite and telling the cameras that they finally couldn't come in with them. And if you don't get that reference start watching the bachelor Spain and fits your Spain Jason Goff filling in for Fitz on ESPN radio the SPN apps, Sirius XM channel eighty. Yeah. Dude's voice went down a bunch of octaves, and he wasn't even talking like someone who's like, oh, I'm so tired. I'm glad we got this done. It was full on like, hey, Seattle. Just wondering if you will water What up. up? Exactly. I we gotta start with the montage to enter the segment. I'm so proud of the culture that dream mangoes said, you're like likes has now made it Trey wingo, which means it's being said now in the hood for two years. And I know what that means. You're done thing. Is that split? Oh, no doubt. No doubt straight wing saying weird place. You off never says it again Berman used to be the barometer. But now is passed on Trey wingo in terms of when things if officially died, but honestly shout out to try. I love you out there still didn't like the Super Bowl. But when it comes to Russell Wilson this guy. I don't know if it's the introduction of Sierra to his life. But he is somehow someway over the last year so turned into the fourth Migo like he has he's he has gone from Carleton to he's got breathing down his neck. Well, you know what? Lanes are going to do that. When you take care of the business that they should be doing. But no, he's he's turned into you know, he's gone from Stephen to Stefan or kale like this is this is next level swag. When you're sitting there looking at your phone, first of all, I think talking into a phone the fact that we're forced to do it to promote our things these days is the weirdest thing in the world..

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