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More relief Washington congresswoman Pramila Jayapala was among those launching a new put people first campaign pushing for more help in the next relief package putting money simply into PPP cannot deliver the scale of relief that we need nor can it do it quickly we need direct relief to people who are suffering one of the proposals calls for the federal government to cover paychecks and health benefits for those out of work because of covert nineteen to avoid massive unemployment the director of the Seattle transportation department told city council members he has to focus solely on stabilization when it comes to the closed west Seattle bridge during this morning's session Sam Zimbabwe was laying out how he plans on spending thirty three million dollars we do not yet know if the if the repair of the bridge is feasible from a technical or financial perspective he does know the west Seattle bridge could be in danger of complete failure that means the only thing on the table is stabilisation a major bearing on the eastern side of the span is a big issue our first step is to replace that bearing in that in and of itself we need to make sure the bridge is stable enough to do that that involves jacking the bridge up slightly so that the people up here can be that the parent can be replaced but this stabilization work will keep the bridge closed through twenty twenty one meaning it could be at least a year before we know if the bridge can actually be repaired or must be replaced Brian Calvert komo news it's now thirty four minutes past the hour komo news let's check como traffic once again with J. Phillips we're still dealing with a collision on southbound Alaskan way at south Dearborn this collision partially blocks the intersection and aid is on the scene and we do have a police investigation continuing on Tukwila international Boulevard yourself one forty first affecting traffic in both directions and this could go on for another hour or more in the Redmond area the on ramps from Lake Washington West Lake Sammamish parkway to both directions of five twenty are closed for road work till five AM your next port coming up at ten forty four J. political news thanks for that J. now your call movie co room forecast with meteorologist Shannon o'donnell fire everybody good Monday night she was sure was a beautiful day today it's pretty nice out there right now as well but slowly.

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