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This is a my third alert update a quick look at what is happening entertainment through on my talk might tell me something good uh the dizzy pixar film coco was the top of the of the box office over the holiday weekend earning seventy one million dollars and if you're keeping track at home cocoa ranks as the fourth best thanksgiving weekend opening for picks film muana and twice story three fold in more money coco also not a movie about conan o'brien or chocolate or the the sign language guerrilla thank you the right i get here though three fed actually looks really cute does doesn't it looks quite a door we were supposed to see it over the weekend and then we weren't able to because we were watching alf but i hear it's great yes go check out coko hitler talking about people are talking they have lots of things to say uh due to technical difficulties jay z cancelled his upcoming december six concert in lincoln nebraska jake made a statement on why he cancelled saying quote the stewards to important to me to do at halfway i respect you guys too much to take the money and run and the omaha world herald says installing the video screens on time is the main issue and at the end of october a concert in fresno california was cancelled for similar reasons interesting you think that maybe he would figure out how to fix that or that they would book a venue yet was he able to handle the giant videos greer die that is odd to me but okay i mean good on him though for not just taking the money and running yeah but yeah the plan ahead that's the that's the takeaways not steve miller panting his show yes this rights all right taylor swift tops the billboard album chart for a second straight week after reputation sold another two hundred fifty six thousand copies tim growing faith hill came in a distant second with their joint album the rest of our life that sold one hundred four thousand copy i.

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