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It was really interesting because you don't tend to get. i think that variety in that volume. No i completely agree that the terra cotta statuettes of aphrodite just as he said the variety of her representations what she her cooperman's which he's kind of supposed to be symbolizing that particular manifestation. I'd never seen quite rail. Before unless you know at the louvre the british museum. But even then. I don't think i'd ever seen macedonian images of aphrodite before those museums either so pillow is really incredible for me and palace. The royal court where philip was born. Alexandra was born there and it was the seat of the macedonian power base and all of these satellite communities formed part of that power base so again like just as somebody who kind of grew up thinking about and hearing about alexander. The great as we drove through these long stretches of plains. And all i can think of is like okay Cavalry coming through. And that's where they had this battle as a as a huge alexander file. It was really really really really cool in the archaeological site as well. I thought i loved that. I mean there wasn't a whole lot but it was enough to really satisfy my curiosity and at the market they had like the stalls were in great condition some of the time polls and obviously the most yet the mosaics. Great mother costs and they aphrodite. Shrine area was really cool. Is you know all those beautiful flowers surrounding it. I absolutely loved it there. So it's from these macedonian courts and communities that the models of queen's ship in the ancient world that we're going to talk a bit about they spread from this because to look at other powers at the time like the greek city states and confederacies of greek cities. That had banded together queens. Were not part of that dialogue. It was men and generals and what is very unique and probably because of i think the polygamous relationship structure of the kings of the macedonian court allowed for different types of queen personalities different types of influence to come in. And have this very chaotic mix. Well there's this reluctance from the kings to even show their favor for one of their their queens or mistresses which just from the female perspective. Where does that leave you in the courts. You know what i mean. How do i determine who's top dog really and it's left up to the women to essentially figure out who's going to succeed. The current k. I guess our starting point here is the royal court of king the second of the argued dynasty. So that's alexander the greats father and we won't be going through the ins and outs as to how he got there. But it was broadly speaking through the intercession of his mother. The royal women in this period where it's really hard to to quantify like power. Nobody's been given a title that lets them. Determine like head queen that kind of thing. Yeah that won't come until later. But i mean during philip's reign at least there were. There were more opportunities for women to kind of exert control or political funds. Let's say as you already said. His mother you're at a key was pretty pivotal in filled. The seconds taking of the throne so to speak. So yeah i think the even beginning with There is already a tradition forming. And they're already had been before he said already that these royal women who didn't have official titles were essentially making it up as they went not create creating this role..

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