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Juniper here with three C BodyShop ninety three percent of people. Listen to radio every week that crushes all other types of media easily. That's why radio works for me. And why I've stayed with it for twenty seven years your business can find success on radio to hey, Columbus. Do you know how much you're paying for your natural gas? There's a good chance. It's too much. It's time for a stable fixed rate plan for your home or small business without enrollment fees and zero interruption to service, it's time for better natural gas from centerpoint energy services. Switching just five minutes at better OH gas dot com to take advantage of our rates before the end of the month. Centerpoint energy. Centerpoint energy services Inc is a certified retail, natural gas supplier. Licensed by the public utilities commission of Ohio men, if you've been failing to perform in the bedroom because of erectile dysfunction, you need to take action because e d is a serious condition that in most cases will not get better on its own which means your performance issues. They won't improve. In fact, they're likely to worsen, and that means embarrassment frustration and negative impacts on your relationship you need to call. The Columbus men's clinic for your ED, they specialize in men's sexual health and have treatments that have been shown to be effective in his high. As ninety percent of cases. Columbus men's clinic treatments can work even if pills and herbals have failed and often regardless of your medical condition. And that means if you're like most men, no more fear. No, more embarrassing situations at a far better sexual experience for you. And for your partner your first office. Visit is only ninety nine dollars and includes a medical consult a PSA test. And if advised a test dose of their medical treatment. And if that medicine doesn't work in the office your visit is free. Call them today. Six one four. Three zero zero seventy four hundred that's six one four three zero zero seventy four hundred or visit Columbus men's clinic dot com. HD.

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