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Ages into the modern era and explore the carnage left left in. Its wake. Hi It's Molly Park asked listeners. We have something special just for you. You starting December eleventh. PODCAST is rereleasing forty. Five classic episodes from the critically acclaimed series remarkable belives. Tragic deaths as part of the new limited series famous fades these stories are all true. All compelling and only available on spotify here our hosts Carter and Vanessa to tell you more thank you so much. We are thrilled to bring back the amazing true stories behind. Find some of history's most influential lives and chocking deaths. Starting December eleventh remarkable lives tragic deaths notably named an I tunes best. New podcast of two thousand sixteen is coming back to spotify as the new limited series famous fates with five episodes released east every Wednesday. Each group will center around a common theme such as Hollywood icons mysterious deaths or notorious names from Marilyn Monroe. And Harry Harry Houdini to Vincent Van Gogh and Al Capone will delve deeper into the extraordinary lives that helped shape our world and explore the lasting effects. Their deaths had on our culture. These incredible stories are all brought to life by an ensemble cast of talented voice actors and most importantly these he's episodes are all free and only available on spotify follow the park cast limited series famous fates only on spotify and now back.

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