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Is there any moment where you're either intimidated or are you fearful or anything in now. The success I have an issue I was by myself. The success scared me. So I'm kinda nervous cause I know now responsibility on me. Things go well. He's actually worse than the scary very part of being successful. So what was it like for you not for seed success. You're like oh my gosh. I've made it eighteen laying. What what are you thinking? Now's happy You put in a lot of time for me. I was a lot of time the area I would. I remember one summer Denied boss practice also like everyday. Ma Stop Practice Mahomes you know what I'm saying like so much work. That house excited because I was against fresh. I wasn't tainted by the possibilities of what could go. That's Gotcha would go right hours just living in a moment and I'm actually thankful for that. Because as as you get older you start to do other things and you you landed feel you live like on edge because up past trauma stuff like that Our sustained house able to jam moment it was great it was awesome. It was such an awesome Met One of my best rains too. I have a veteran renege. No was I met him. He's on the road but I was able to him. You don't really really like great relationships can friends. We did a show rich man. I was into honor him in his city. So it's like I really really you know I've got some great places in in I wasn't I was scared I was actually. She really really excited. I was really happy in in that like I didn't have any fears on the B. To be even consider to be played to play on our GIG On a demos used resin Lord in anywhere from President was blessed that was like almost beautiful year. Ryen bites assistant work every week like being out of town times a week like crazy and Staus thankful man. I'm still thankful action from MM Su. I'm Super Dave Now is that man Mike I did. I was myself. I wasn't remember. Plants don't play Stella Awards I appreciate it. Kinda like allow people to bring their bands. Had We opened up Stella Awards in I remember like all being. Oh Jesus Jesus Calvin away you sound amazing interests meaning like it just made me excited when Jesus you look up to you. Are you safe Great really obviously Vizier watching from afar wash united played by dylan successor. I was out stateful still as I just feels a feel so much. It's up by the network in the community that supported you you. You didn't have fear your mandate maybe what made what some people feel like. They're GONNA be on there all like. That's that's kind of where that fear comes from. Is this idea that we out here. Taking risks or in front of the crowd or whatever and if I fall out for myself you know that whole show July two to one three through record is nicely broken so so then network of people that you had. Oh Geez guys at you mentioned that of Oregon where going and cheering you on. Land while you're going MHM shoes. It was definitely the support system was used in in an awesome idea regime Just to be like a Agai will discretional wasn't necessarily House still okay. Yeah I was still from. Because everybody's he's not going to be cooler shames in people changing in sometimes as what they're gonNA do in their life but you can't let that you can't let that affect she seaman. So I was okay I was. I was telling me I had the community at the community of like musicians. Which is being supportive at home in around the country when I still lived the world where I still had to be by myself at times because I was the PK? WHO's trying to do something outside? Be another of reach. I'm John I was in high school in not at the moment. mm-hmm Masefield Kids non-real. They don't necessarily know exactly where they're going to high school. I knew exactly what I was going like this ice cream. He's fourteen fifteen sixteen hours. I know exactly what I'm going to south. There was some type of moments where I felt alone. Because I'm in high school. You know these kids just kind of like going to school in I. It S fine. I'M GONNA get my grades but when I leave him WanNa go to this on. I was so it was a moment where I was alone. Technically but because I knew acted I'm coolant food Our apartment Iran saw instagram. it was a Brian Meadows on say he said. Stop waiting for people to understand. You basically like I got told you what to do and you guys were the focus because we're focused people. That aren't focused. Just don't get don't get it so let me ask you this because now kind of gets quite where I wanted to ask. Ask You about some of these other tours. Now the backstreet boy his Mean that happens when now you got from working with Baron industrial artists. And now I guess I want you tell me because I've never been on the states. What is it like when you have to shift from the deep? The one particular I level is still highly plane Stella's length but now you shouldn't coprorate will end its are the differences in. What whether that that means you when you were asked to do those type of tools when you start to shift to another another opera details? We Steve over details shirts. Wow please continue. Please give over details in church. Though it is sad but settler the world abby WANNA consider it they pay attention to every little part in a ED Is Much attention as the next part and because of that. Everything is built on a machine both on great great foundation foundation so it can't fail it like it. They're gone tour. They're gonNA start from. WHO's this who's when we doing like everybody is paying attention to their section in there playing close attention to details and now dow's transitions would be like right now? The first time that someone did you catch yourself with someone have to call you out that used to see. Hey wait a minute. I've got a couple of times for in view even babblings I was fresh out of like playing all Play every look like in a world in the news like you could probably about a little bit and I was like really again in than I remember being kind of upset about it in the next Dogana Dogana was like super chill like not that much. I but yeah like I've had moments along the way like year years of Problem in it's not just about the jobs will not just everything I remember when backstreet boys.

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