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Thank you I've been waiting so long to rights to that status in your is. Your your regular Stan. Oh No. My roommate just turned on the air conditioner. See you later. Can I offer my take on this movie. Yes. I want nothing more for how much I feel like not on movies are sort of quoted shorthanded, being like the most generic prototypical like it well executed, but it's like Oh. You know that type of like Rom Com. Thanks Ryan movies which are seen as the big ones are both weirdly experimental in their approach to Iran. COM CA sleepless in Seattle obviously like. Can you create a wrong com with chemistry between the two actors without them ever actually communicating until the last year? And then this feels like an opposite test, which is like they're in the movie a lot together, but. What you guys were sort of talking about. The Hank's character is so much more of an asshole than you're used to this character being and the Meg Ryan characters so much sadder than you're used to this character in any sort of like oil and Water Rom com like this where it's like earning tracy a fighting fighting the fight until they realized they have to be together movie. That's pretty much always. Always. The dynamic like one is always a little side. Flinty in one is always a little, sad and lonely, and ultimately they realized they have to be together and this movie is her pushing those two things to their furthest extremes that she can. Because you have this narrative conceit in the middle, which is in the email exchanges they can just be. Your wrong countless like in the scenes where they're not actually together, they can be the most romantic the most charming cross cutting in different rooms. So that allows you to be like we're going to actually investigate like the sadness of a manic pixie dream girl. She no longer becomes that and. Horrible, qualities. Confident, like man with a quick ready at all times until he no longer becomes a good. Yeah I. Just saying there's something about you saying this wasn't the way that Rom. coms were typically then but I think Nora. Ephron she made now going forward. Wrong calms are the way that Nora and made them like she changed the now we all think of now. Every rahm comments sleepless as is. My God is. So low. Yes. Yes, that's that's kind of what I was going to say. It's like I think there's been so much. For the past ten plus years, there has been bubbling narrative of like man I wish we had Rom coms again unlike unpacking that unpacking that. Tear another two hours and it's it's its own mess, but I think speaking for myself because I felt the same way for a long time, but then I think it was like a few times ago, I watched. You've got mail a few times a year and it was maybe maybe a year or two ago I was watching it and I was like. Wait a second. I know Miss. Rom coms I Miss Nora Ephron Rom. COMS I missed like. Three or four you know like, of course these aren't going to come back because she's dead. And this was a very specific time and place like it's not that I missed the ROM. com I miss this specific thing and guess what I can watch it whenever the fuck I want and I think the close, which is why I think the Brom. Come that I think is my favorite since you've got mail. Is Probably Enough said which I think. Captures dynamic pretty closely. In that you have this person like these people who are being deceitful and people who are being really really messy because they are in love, people who have to deal with their own personal ship before they can deal what other another person Shit! And that's part of it, but it's like. I Miss Nora. Ephron I miss. You've got mail. It's missed the general concept of Iraq. Mom I missed the way these people talk and I missed the way. These people like I think there's also the the missing the Rom Com thing is also just the loss of like a mid tier. move by lives of like. I always think of it. Rom Com. It's just like what's a movie that cost X. amount of money. That's not a huge up superhero, or indeed or cheap..

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