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But I don't know. We've also seen there is a there's a recent story that was in the Wall Street Journal about how all of these like Wall Street broS are scared. So they're like sending out basically, memos or whatever. And they're saying like, you know, don't have a one on one meeting because you know, you might rape a woman if you're just alone with our or don't sit next to them on planes. You can't sit next to a woman on fucking plane without doing something criminal like all of these just like bullshit things to just like not be around women, and it's hurting women's careers. Right. Because they're like, well, you know, if they can't go the can't have a business dinner, then she just can't do the job because men are knowing that the country now all things, Karen pens. That's That's right. right. No men and no women together ever. Yeah. It's it's nice to sort of celebrate some of the things that happen. You know, like record number of women, it's congress. It's like the response. You know, that we went out there as a people that you know, voting was up at least, you know, in the places where it wasn't suppressed by the GOP, but it's still a year where people are doing really shitty things so work around it now. And it seems like now they're even knew hoops, you know, have that thing that you just brought up, you know, you have people. There was a really interesting interview with sort of. I think the owner of the comedy cellar and HANA Georgia's who was on. And she was amazing to say that they talked about basically some real shit about Louis C K. And I think the comedy owner was just sort of like he wants something tangible, you know, because he's in the business of comedy and providing comedy to an audience so for them for a lot of people in the. Distri is what tangible can a person like Louis C K due someone who, you know, first of all they feel like he's not Harvey. So he should get a comeback. You know, he's not Kevin Spacey. So what tangible can Louis C K due to be able to have a comeback..

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