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I'm asking you, do you have a third option? Well, I mean, I wouldn't finish that with my symptoms. I was just going to say like, you know, some people might say that, but I'm inclined to agree with you on the second part. It could just be that it's just not yet. So if you don't have a third option, then you are agreeing with my divine hiddenness argument. So instead of calling in to argue against it, you just agreed with my divine hidden assault. No, no, no, no. Maybe I should clarify that I agree with you guys on divine hit in this. I think that the Bible advocates for it, right? There are verses in the songs that talk about this. But what I'm trying to say is I'm trying to just, you know, shoot the breeze with you all about the possibility of something being value that it could. Okay, find out to be able to have load of bullshit that ignores the entire argument in favor of something you just thought sounded cool because the fact of the matter is either God wants me to know that he exists or God doesn't want me to know exist. One of those two is true. And if God does want me to know he exists and you agree that he can manifest in reality and he does know what would convince me and he's capable of doing it, then that leads to reductive absurdum, which means that God does not exist. GB, here's the thing about Matt. Matthew doing this show for 16 plus years. I know people personally who've been helped out the door of Christianity because of Matt's arguments and Matt's logic and reason through this through watching this show. You would think that Matt's inviting this got to reveal himself. I've heard Matt say that repeatedly got here I am. Show yourself to me. I'm open to the evidence. She'll be here real. And this God continues to for whatever reason and you seem to think it's a good idea. This God continues to remain hidden while multitudes of people are being turned away from him by this evil Matt del hunty fellow. You would think that God would reveal himself to Matt of all people to put an end to this evil show and not have people being led astray. So your argument for hiddenness is perplexing to me, you keep using the term God's high value. And yet you don't have any way to measure that value. You don't have any definition for this God. When I suggested that Jesus came to be present among people to reveal God in flash, you kind of dismissed that. You want to, you want to believe in this God that for whatever reason remains hidden. And I gotta tell you a God that remains hidden and uninvolved and completely dismissive of what's going on in the world. What value does that got have to anyone? Well, first of all, and by the way, thank you, David. I appreciate your response. I think we got off on the wrong foot here. When I was trying to say that I'm trying to justify divine hidden I'm not trying to object to divine hidden I'm just trying to find reason for why God would implement design hidden this. This is not interested in that. Because all that is, I mean, that's just speculative, nonsense. You're basically saying I have no evidence. I still believe and because I don't have any evidence and I still believe I need to make some shit up as to why God's not giving me evidence. And anybody can do that for anything. I can say, well, I still believe that the aliens are visiting me regularly, even though I don't have evidence. And so I'll just speculate that they have a really good reason for not a capability for not leaving evidence. And when the fairies come and do my laundry at night and they steal socks because clearly there are fairies that come and steal my socks at night when I'm doing laundry. Obviously, the only evidence I have is that a stock is missing, but I can't prove anything to anybody else. So I'm just going to speculate that those fairies are just really, really powerful and they are intentionally hiding this so that people don't believe there are fairies. How is what you're trying to do with God, any different than anything anybody could make up about anything that they couldn't prove? That's question one. The question two is, how on earth can you justify believing this while acknowledging that you don't have any good reason to believe? Wait, so I think you brought up a really good point earlier that I would really like to address Matt before we go on to any further questions if that's okay. I guess, I think the two questions I ask are the only ones that matter at this point. But go ahead. Okay. Well, thank you. I appreciate that. But really quickly before I move on, Dave, you also were trying to I heard you turn to say something. I just didn't know if you had an opinion on this that you wanted to get out. Go ahead and answer the questions that Matt was directing. Let's stay on one thing here. You're kind of drifting all over the place. Okay, well, let's bring it down to the very beginning when we first started, right? You presented an option that says that it could be that God wants you to know about the manager might not be the time yet. There's nothing wrong with that. That's a very ugly option. That makes no sense, but whatever. I'm fine with that being a valid option, which is why I presented it with the original version of my argument. So once again, you're agreeing with me on divine hidden. You're going to address the other questions? Well, I can. I'm starting to get the feeling that maybe we're not chill about this. I don't want to offend anybody. You know, like, I hope we're having a good conversation, but I'm starting to get to maybe we should talk about this another time. So when it comes time for you to give a justification for why you're believing something without a good reason, you don't want to do that. I mean, that's the whole purpose of the show, you realize, right? Yeah, yeah, I am. Okay, okay. So it could be, yeah, the very well the case that the God is, he doesn't tell him on proving himself for this. It's just not the right time. Why would that necessarily be a bad thing? There was someone earlier that said that it is possible that doing so at this moment could conflict with some other desire, God prioritizes more. Thank you to the person in the chat that said that. What do you think about that? I think these are all excuses. It could be. You keep saying it could be. Please tell me what the right answer is and how you know what the right answer is. Why will not why is it that God, if he exists, why is he not revealing himself? Well, I mean, I just gave you an answer. No, sir, you did not. You know, sir, you did not. You just said that there may be a reason. I want to know what the reason is and how you know what the reason is because you're the one who's here as God's advocate. Yeah. Well, Jon's answer is, I don't know. Okay. I can appreciate that. Did God reveal himself to you? I believe he has. Yeah. In what way? Well, through the Bible. That's not. No, I have the exact same book you do. I'm talking about God revealing himself in a way that confirms his existence to someone. How did God reveal himself to you? I mean, I mean, that is how I believe that he has revealed himself to me. I mean, I'm not trying to get around your question. That's just generally what I believe. Okay, so if that's the case, then anybody who reads the Bible should get that same feeling, right? Feeling. No, no. What do you have to have faith? Here's a sheet of paper and it says ten things. And if I hand this to someone and they say, wow, God just revealed himself to me through this sheet of paper, then any other person should be able to look at that sheet of paper and get the same revelation, right? Otherwise you're saying it's something other than that piece of paper. Which one is it? Is it the piece of paper? It sounded like a really, really nice guy, but it's clear that you it's obvious to me that you have faith in a God that you can't prove that you don't have any evidence for other than words you read in a book called the Bible, which is completely unreliable document. It's been shown over and over. And I just, I would appeal to you to really think through what you're believing and why because you haven't demonstrated any good reasons to believe in this God that you say, his best option is to remain hidden and yet you believe the Bible in the Bible says that Jesus walked among us as God in the flesh..

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