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Are on the rise a little bit but now with half this year and i don't know it's it's been all downhill for wisconsin buzzcut brad is doing his best to drop charges he basically their inner most entertaining part of their team has busca brad trying hard on defense as about all they have hap looks lost all the time i don't even think he can get drafted any more at this point um total good guy greg guard for me what about you titus have kept could never first of all half was never going to draft to have can't shoot the faintest the most frustrating to me about discount is in the preseason we were led to believe that you can happen is going to be a shooter the sheer jacket threes in the preseason games yet we were led to believe that like he he's gonna expand his game and he can be a pick and pop guy now and he still going to have all this post was he still going to have the spin moves gone baseline that everyone knows is coming but for some reason can't stop um but now he's going to be able to end he's he's to be a killer in unstoppable and just has habitat the what why should wisconsin app at purdue was it it just it it brought back great memories to last year when people were tried to pretend like ethan half was better than caves wanting us and should be considered picked to play and i was slick pulling my her out like are you guys nuts or you're watching the same game that i am because kids wanting it is unbelievable so i will say that even apples a guy that p r metrics advance stats everything loved even half the first two years he was at wisconsin and uh he is now regress to the mean and he is looking terrible it it even apps defence i don't think he that he never ask for this she was never a superstar he was never supposed to be a superstar in the key part of what makes him so good was that he could play off of nigel hazen broughton kagan he was a sort.

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