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Sure that allows your recording. I'm gonna hit mute last quarter and should be good sex on the bible calls that there is that there are no thanksgiving facts of the bible. The first thanksgiving was actually three days. So what are we waiting for the three days. It's not just a one day thing should be three days like with the natives and you know okay. I didn't know that ati natives on how well this one calling us. Native americans may not have had turkey at their feast. But they did. it was in sixteen twenty one. They don't know if there's even on the menu but they did. Have we know they had venison duck goose oysters lobster and fish everything better than turkey instead of all that. Yeah that's in turkey. Become the thing that i now know. Maybe it's not. I don't know. I feel like thanksgiving's ally now. Thomas did not like thanksgiving your fuse to declare the holiday visit invoked prayerity leaving the separators stating jefferson involved pray reflection and he also cut up the new testament jeffersonville other parts that he didn't think the lear has gone and all the letters are out the lyrical genius behind the hit song. Mary had. A little lamb is also responsible for thanksgiving becoming a national holiday. She apparently her name. Is sarah josefa. Hail josefa era. She convinced abraham.

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