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Us. We continue to learn more and more every day and get new information from the vaccines, the medicines and what code will mean for all of us? Long term, joining us now healthy living specialist Dr Eric know Prudie. To talk about what's going on with some long code patients, Doc, Welcome back in thanks to you for being with me. Well, Good morning this morning. How are you today doing great. So when we talk about long, covert patients we're talking about folks it get it and then They feel bad longer than most folks, right? Correct. We're talking about every small percentage of people that whenever they do get exposed to covert, they end up having symptom mythology, some for weeks and some even months after the you know the start of the infection. Right. And there's also you know, if you talk about the symptoms, I think a lot of people are going through this and I've talked to different. You know, people that have been two neurologist because there's some neuro effects on this. In fact, my son was having some muscle twitching. That was really troublesome. And you know it kind of scared all of it. They thought, maybe Oh, my gosh, could this be you know, ls or something and thank God it wasn't but You know. Another friend of mine who sees a neurologist on a regular basis, said that his neurologist told him that we're seeing Maura and more patients come in, you know, with postcode symptoms. Uh, So are you seeing this everywhere? You know we are seeing it again. It's a small percentage of the patient's very small percentage on what we're seeing is, yes, some of the long term sense of mythology. Longer taking time to get the smell and taste to come back, which remember that also not always that neurological nature That's also a sign of a zinc deficiency, which, if you remember Cove it that's one of the minerals that gets used up very rapidly during during the repair process of cove in and you know other symptoms. Sore stiff joints, feeling kind of Malays fatigue. You know things of that nature that just persist for Several weeks. You know, even up to a month is what we basically see with long haulers right now with the vaccine, And I've also heard that after folks get the vaccine, there might be an initial, You know, sore arm or the second vaccine makes people feel, you know, kind of Down and fatigued a little bit for maybe 24 hours. But then everything kind of snaps back, and also it actually improves the long covert patient's symptoms and feelings. Correct. Well, there's an interesting anecdotal study that's come out. It's actually shown the small percentage of individuals that have received the vaccines that have been long haulers have noticed a change in the sense of mythology. And you know, kind of what we've populated as you know what if would you get the vaccine? The immune system re wakes itself up and in some cases can actually Sparky healing occurrence to happen in those individuals that quite honestly didn't you know he'll, however, sit like they should have? It's an interesting observation again. It's a small percentage. But we are noticing that some people are having some changes and those long haulers symptom mythology post injections. Well, you know, obviously, this is all relatively new toe, the medical industry and patients dealing with this and you know the long term effects of covert on us in many different areas. Headaches. Uh, Narrow issues, fatigue issues and also the long term effects of the vaccines relative to other vaccinations. You know that have been taking place year after year after year. We're still learning what what's been the most surprising thing for you, doctor to see in this process, and you know where we're headed, and maybe some of these long term You know effects. You know, That's an interesting question. I'll say what has been very intriguing to me, which quite honestly has has blown my mind. And the mind of a lot of my colleagues is the relationship from this virus that people get and how it effects their neurology, how it affects them long term and the correlation between low levels of Nutritional supplementation and simply mythology. Example like low vitamin D and and and low zinc leads to more symptoms on and really how many people have so many different Responses to this I mean, you know, did he the flu? Typically when we get a flu, lose their flu like symptoms, All right, you know the chills, the cold, the hot, the achey joints, the etcetera. This seems to have such a broad spectrum of symptoms. It's almost like it could cause anything and everything. If that makes sense, which has been kind of the strangest thing as a health care provider to really get a difference of diagnosis. It's been difficult. Yeah, we're still learning every day. We are. You're absolutely we're gonna be learning for quite some time. I believe Right. But you do believe that medical field and researchers and doctors have got this thing you know. The most part, you know, handled and know how to deal with it. No, there's no question. I mean, listen, we're looking at a disease right now that has a 99.997% survivability rate, even without the vaccine or without therapeutic, So there's no question that now we know Maura about this disease and we've ever known. We know how to treat this thing. We know how to help people. There's no question that people can definitely start putting their mind at the thing is, we've got this figured out. We just need to continue to move forward and do the right things and learn from this so that these things don't ever happen again. All right? Very good. Dr Ericson. Pretty good info this morning. Thank you so much. 6 48. Now Alabama's morning news weekend, right around the corner, Looking forward to a nice Easter weekend. Gonna be nice Easter Sunday as well to Sonny and in the seventies. Lots going on for the family to enjoy as well this coming weekend and we'll talk with Russell and Amber from happenings in the ham. Next Alabama's morning news. Hi, break time. I know you. I'm cola guard a prescription colon cancer screening option for people 45 plus an average risk..

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