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Your first sponsored job Terms and conditions apply It's 1118 Traffic and weather on the 8s over to rich hunter and the WTO traffic center Right over on the Woodrow Wilson bridge traffic is moving again on the add a loop Again they were telling us that apparently they were only going to close the analytic local lanes headed toward Maryland However they closed both the local lanes and the three lanes but again everybody moving for now waiting to see if they're going to stop traffic again so just be aware that is a possibility because they said this operation was going to last about 30 minutes and we're about not quite 20 minutes into it yet So again just remember that you may come upon stop traffic on the antelope should not affect the inner loop at all according to what they told us Now if you're traveling over in the district in northeast Florida avenue closed each way just south of New York avenue between New York avenue and second street northeast due to a serious crash involving an overturned vehicle heavy response remains on scene Virginia 95 south down in this rulings as you approach and pass route three Fredericksburg eventually down to one single length left through the work zone 66 east found as you approach and pass one 23 single right lane passed the works and then as you approach the beltway two right lanes get you by supposed to be setting up on the westbound side as you approach the beltway once that is in place you should get by single file to the right but for now no evidence that they are yet in the roadway Down in falkirk county a stretch of route 28 just north of Germantown road they are alternate traffic one direction at times through a bridge project So just be aware you may come upon some slowdowns there as a result but hopefully not too bad overall Again for now traffic moving on both the adult local lanes and through lanes.

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