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Such a thing for you. Oh yes i am in phoenix arizona. I love the heat. We've been having a cold front recently but we're in backup sit pitchers By free time. I was actually spending a lotta time. The workshops for score mentor and in teaching karate. Twenty the pandemic kinda shut all that down. Wow so how. How long have you done full seven years. I had a goal to reach my black belt very late in life and miss my goal by exactly three weeks because i had shoulder surgery regulations on that. I think that's a karate wonderful thing to do. My boys do karate and they love it. I think it's great for discipline. And i think that's very relevant to this conversation. It's probably a good place to ductile into your discussion about your career as a certified an award winning coach but i think if we go back one step stave and just ask if you could place just to reveal a little bit about your foam professional experiences because i know that you have with some pretty major brands at some fortune. Five hundred companies. Would you mind sharing a little bit about that with the mafia audience. Yes i've actually owned and operated six. Different businesses operated businesses for three others. I've worked for a division of warner brothers farmers insurance and starwood. I actually was the general manager of a place called. Rawhide which was an eighteen eighties western. Themed town chat is typical business. And we're overseen by starwood didn't know what to do with us because they're used to these nice resorts and everything and we are in the dirt shooting each other. What better way to leave this. Tell us your experience with the harlem globetrotters harlem globetrotters. I was with them for few years. I actually took their merchandise global. I was a director of opera director of merchandise operations. So we just went through and i started bringing ecommerce into play even how to market be on the the event itself so doing the e commerce we even created some booklets that we gave out at the shows and then we got a lot of repeat business and that actually grew the business. Phenomenally we add some monster growth that they've never ever seen before in merchandise sales. Now this leads me to the obvious question. You did walk away with some wonderful merchandise yourself hopefully created quite a bit of it seen a lot of your work and i've done my research and the things that you've achieved with your clients In one to one settings group settings seminars and speaking. it's just phenomenal. you've you've been able to turn some businesses around from pretty much going out of business. Bicycling to being very very successful. I'd love to talk a little bit more about that in a moment but you've also authored and if i'm correct me if i'm wrong that you started your own book business as well..

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