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Com WZVN news time nine oh five he is Wednesday December eighteenth twenty nineteen good evening thanks so much for joining us on me any day eighteen degrees in Chicago under cloudy skies I can be there should skies will clear up as the night moves on the temperatures will continue to drop hello just fourteen degrees much milder day tomorrow with a mix of clouds and sun with a high around thirty five and then a cloudy chilly evening tomorrow night's will tell you more when our expanded forecast coming up first our top local story on newsradio WBBM police in the southwest suburb say three men who kidnapped two people at gunpoint forced them to buy items with their credit and debit cards are now behind bars the story from W. E. B. M.'s Jim goodbye for deputy police chief Kevin Keegan says Justin brown of staggered Dante VS Harvey of Dalton enter one Matthews of Chicago's south side forced their way into the vehicle of a sixty year old Frankford woman on November sixteenth there they took her to various locations throughout the south suburbs making various charges on her credit cards and her ATM cards Keegan says the woman was later released somewhere in Chicago she was not physically hurt will county investigators say the same three men did something similar to a man in new Lenox township on November twenty ninth later abandoning him in Indiana begins as the three men are charged with aggravated kidnapping aggravated robbery and armed robbery Jim good as newsradio one oh five point nine FM prosecutors say Ahmed accused of assaulting an eleven year old girl a Morgan park library this week has a history of bothering women at the same branch the cook county state's attorney's office says twenty five year old Tamana handed grabbed the girl by the neck and forced her to perform a sex act on Monday she struggled to get away handed held her down and continue to a shelter captain who has seven prior incidents on file told authorities he didn't know the girl was a lie then that she seduced him he's now being held without bond the cook county public guardian call Chicago lake shore hospital a hospital of.

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