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President joe biden signed executive this week ending the federal use of private prisons. But are eric off reports. The order does not extend to privately run immigration facilities including the northwest. Ice processing center in tacoma washington formerly known as the northwest detention center. The facility is run by geo group and is one of the largest in the country. Meru more of pondo is a community organizer with the group stem zia which has long called for the center shutdown she sees biden's order as misleading knock solution to they the attention enterprise the has been built and now we have to push kim and he sometimes many stretch to start facing out private detention and ultimately close all detention centers. The president's executive order is a continuation of an obama era policy. It directs the justice department not to renew contracts with private prisons more than fourteen thousand. People are housed in these facilities as of one year ago eighty-one percent of people detained in ice custody were held in privately owned facilities according to the aclu washington state. Lawmakers are considering a house. Bill ten ninety which would ban private for profit detention facilities of their states including new mexico maryland or also working on banning private prisons marketwatch reports ameritrade has restricted access to game stock. Amc and other securities as retail traders. Continue to send the markets for a loop fox business answer market did give the retailer stock. A bit of a slap in the face after hours trading ended with the stock falling nine percent. The dow jones down six hundred points wednesday for its worst bay since october of twenty eighth. Not dakota families facing hardships could see some relief from state lawmakers with a bill that calls on the state to cover school meal expenses for all students over the next two years this week. The house education committee heard testimony and the bell house bill. Fourteen thirteen with set aside more than eighty million dollars and legacy funds to ensure each public. School student has access to free breakfast and lunches through the school year. Supporters say it's a response to increasing need but also to help end lunch. Chaim for lower income kids. Chrysanthemum peterson apparent and paraprofessional at man. Dan highschool believe more families. Need this help. And one might think i have seen families who don't qualify for free lunch struggle to pay for lunch and sometimes the kids don't eat even middle class. Families can struggle at times to pay orleans. The bill's sponsor says despite enhanced federal lunch aid during the crisis. The state can offer a cushion for families as the pandemic subsides. I'm mike moen. This is p. m. s now producers. File a pair of reports to follow up on positive. Biden's package of executive orders this week designed to fight climate change curb pollution as well as addressing environmental justice. We begin with mark richardson. The directives establish a new federal office of climate change and a national climate task force to work on global warming renewable energy in public health. Dr scott williams director of the healthy environmental alliance of utah believes any plan to cover. These issues must also focused on bringing benefits to all utahns. The health effects of the vernon pollution has been visited primarily on disadvantage populations for people people's color dishes people and that's true in utah. I think it's really important that as we solve this. We need to make sure. The solutions are across all populations. The administration is directing forty percent of clean energy investments toward under served and marginalized communities the colorado chapter of green latinos welcomes the trove of executive order signed by president. Joe biden this week. Ian to foia with the group says colorado in rural areas small towns and cities understand something more needs to be done to address more powerful frequent wildfires prolonged drought and other impacts of a warming planet. And they're concerned that the climate crisis. I hear loss from them about wanting to be part of this coming in green revolution. And i think there's a huge opportunity here laid out for all of us. In colorado urban and rural to benefit biden sweeping orders include investments in communities affected by pollution and other measures aimed at building a net zero emission economy by twenty fifty oil industry group. See the moratorium on new oil and gas leases on public lands as an attempt to delay drilling until it's no longer viable which they claim will cost jobs others say even more needs to be done and faster to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and sees on economic opportunities of clean energy transition. I'm eric gladys finally some kentucky lawmakers are proposing a statewide voucher program based on tax credits. So families can send their kids to private schools. But there's more to the story. Here's nadia ramleh. Gone house bill. One forty nine donors like major corporations a special interest tax break for giving money to privately controlled organizations that use the funds to pay kids private school. Tuition critics say that would drain twenty five million dollars from the state budget in. Its first year alone. They at county public schools teacher. Jenny bolander says she understands why. Some families choose private schools but thinks public tax. Money shouldn't be used to pay for them. We've had textbooks cut for the past two years. We've had no professional development funds. I think title one got reduced. It's just a lot of the funding gap between students in wealthy and poor districts in the commonwealth is now almost three thousand dollars per student. This is by clifford for public news. Service member listener supported radio stations all across the nation and online at public news service dot. Org here's a look at weather from the heartland news weather center now is likely today with a sixty percent chance accumulation of less than one inch high near thirty tonight. Cloudy transitioning to clear conditions overnight heading into thursday low around sixteen. There will be sunny skies in store for thursday with like with high near thirty one. That's the latest weather. Chacao more news and weather on our website to top lands news dot com super bowl. So check it out you'll find it on the homepage. Sports byline dot com and speaking of the nfl. The detroit lions have had no shortage of suitors when it comes to teams enquiring about trading for quarterback matthew stafford about one third of the league has reached out to the lions to discuss a possible trade involving the veteran quarterback. The lions will likely receive at least one future first round pick in exchange for stafford and after twelve seasons together. Stafford and the lions have mutually agreed to part ways via trade. Lions coach. dan campbell in general manager matt holmes. Who were both hired earlier this month. New prior to there being higher that the lions were planning to trade stafford who still has two years remaining on his current contract and the lions have fallen on hard times over the past three seasons during that span detroit posted a fourteen thirty three and one record and the lions lack of success led them to firing coach matt patricia and five games with five games remaining on the twenty twenty regular schedule. So we'll keep an eye on that situation we're going to be talking with claudio reyna injustice second considered one of the greatest soccer players in. Us history. He's now the sporting director for the mls expansion austin fc and we'll build and oversea the team soccer operations austin fc joined major league soccer as the twenty seventh club. In the city of austin's first major league team and then larry merchant will be here longtime commentator for hbo's sports presentations of hbo world championship. Boxing boxing after dark and hbo pay per view telecast. He's been called the greatest television boxing analyst of all time. And then we'll talk some basketball with kenyon. Martin power forward who played fifteen years in the nba after playing college ball at cincinnati and he was the first overall pick in the two thousand draft by the nets. We've got you on america's sports talk show.

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