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Andrew gummy and. Jj davani oh yes offside undisclosed location. The jersey shore apartment in brooklyn new york andrew bundling. Jj davani what's up brother What's off that. You are committed matt. Be doing this on your vacation but we. We haven't missed a week. In how many years now Seven and a half. It's incredible wants and not only first off. I will say thank you and second off. I would say you're committed as well because you have just rode out hurricane. Have you not yes it was. It was unbelievable levels of water. I was over on eastern parkway. Not far from where one of the stairs at the close to the museum became a waterfall just in today broken. We'll have waterfalls some incredible flooding down. towards guadalcanal in my neighborhood anyone who knows brooklyn will know that That canal you don't want that thing flooding. You want it to stay where it is. You don't want it rising up It was pretty incredible. I got a got pretty salt but thankfully none of the high dangerous winds. That caused the problems. We did not get any of that. Oh good well. I'm glad to hear. I'm glad to hear you're saying i hope everybody. Listening in the northeast is safe not dealing with water damage or or any of the effects of hurricane honoree. jj yes indeed onery of very Very don't know a perfect name for tropical storm. I think i guess so So we got a lot to get to today here to look back on this weekend. A lot happened. We're gonna talk of course about arsenal and chelsea. I know it seems like you have a something some stuff you wanna talk about with everton and leeds in what was a fun one and then there were scenes in league on and i feel bad kind of only parachuting like we. Don't talk a ton of league on. I feel badges parachuting and when something bad happens but i'm curious by now people have probably seen the events that transpired between niece and marseille. And we're going to talk about it in a little bit. I am extremely curious to see how this will be handled. And i will. I'll talk about why a little bit later on in the podcast. Because this is this could be a detention interesting outcome and I'm on. I'm curious to get your thoughts on it as well. So we've got a lot to do also cristiano. Ronaldo i guess will he be transferred will he not be. Are the rumors legitimate. Are they nonsense. It's it's all very it's very fluid so we'll talk about that. There's a lot to do. Let's get right into it though with the primarily from over the weekend. Jj and the marquee matchup. That took place sunday afternoon. Arsenal and chelsea chelsea continue to look like the defending european champions. That they are and arsenal. Continue to look like the defending eighth place side that they are. Jj what we hope. They looked like an eighth place. I if you're at least arsenal fans do. I'm not so sure. So you're saying on actually creek. Maybe over the top in my praise. I dunno they've lost to newly promoted side A newly promoted side. That didn't even have to play that well to beat them and they've lost the champions in a game. That was pretty much over by thirty minutes or at least felt that way. I think arsenal are in a spot that they have not been in in twenty five years on. It's it's very very strange. We've seen poor our seasons. The last few under vendor okay but this is this feels different. And i think the variable here is that you knew watt arson vendor eventually would. Do you know what there would be some sort of steadying of the ship. I and it always seemed to happen. you know. Their course was corrected. And they kinda stayed in contention are kind of in the top half of the table Least but now we're in unchartered waters because we have a manager who is a rookie manager and we do not know how this is going to play out and he came in for some serious criticism It was it was unbelievable to listen to lee dixon. A doyen of grit arsenal teams. Talk about something. Like how. Poor the are snowed. Press was how everybody wasn't doing their job. I'm wasn't doing what they should be. He was saying how disjointed what he said. All right one person goes to press there then the networks the guy behind his is half-hearted and then someone else's and even trying and this was after twenty minutes of the game and you know a tactic tank and his team to do something as i won't say simple but as basic you know if you're a team that's going to price then everyone has to do with with the same level of enthusiasm with the same you know just know what you're supposed to be doing and if if you can't get them to do that and it's not node. This'll not good at all. And i know. I'm renting here but one more thing. Well the left side of arsenal's defence are the left side of the teen really the way chelsea targeted. Went down. that right site you know not correction from talking about the tyranny side yeah guarantee any site like c. Where he they were overwhelming him because they knew he's going to get forward. He's going to link to play with the former players. A lot of overlords are going to have to happen in that area for arsenal to take attack. Wise and thomas to just said okay right. Well then we're going to overload not say we're going to put balls in behind and create massive problems for you and they did and it was. It was as if our ted and didn't know what to do then just now bleak bleak day for our still. Yeah i i would mostly agree. Now there's a couple of things. If i were not trying to mount a defense for arsenal because i agree with everything you're saying no but this is classic you is. This is what you do we first of all. Don't you dare put this on me. Or one of the great contrarian this world has ever seen all right. But no i'm going to. I will say this on behalf of arsenal fans who are right. Now listen to this and saying all they ever do is just crud on our team. I'm tired of this. Here's what i'll say if we're if we're going to be fair and later full picture for one. I thought that arsenal hit earned a penalty at the end of the first half. If that's given who knows maybe it's a different game. I don't think it is chelsea clearly. Looked like the better team to me. But this is a weird sport and they should have had a penalty. I'll give them that. And i'll say it's not like they generate any chances rob holding probably should have scored on a header from a corner kick in the second half No near post got to it in time just missed it. So i'll say that. Now the reason i don't wanna go too deep on defending them in in those ways in terms of chances created is because the arsenal that you're talking about that we're used to under vendor.

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