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I don't think they're necessarily should be a broad brush painted across it many have their opinions we've looked at it. And it's balance from what other cities around the country the five percent tax will pay for improvements at nationwide arena and fund art programs around the city, but it means you'll have to pay a little more. When you go to a blue jackets game concert or movie paying ten bucks for for a movie ticket. And you're just adding a few seal told a bad in. But that generates a lot of when you add in the collective of everybody in in the movie theaters, the burden isn't on you anyways on the ticket buyers. So I understand it could hurt the bottom line in the sense. That maybe fewer people could go. Oh, some events might be exempt from the tax city council. Members are working this weekend on a list two percent during tomorrow's meeting. A vigil was held last night. Four sixteen year old Julius Erving. Take junior who was shot and killed by swat police Friday night. Take junior was shot. Dead Friday in Columbus. Police called an undercover swat operation. Police say the teen unknowingly arranged with undercover cops online to buy or sell goods. But when the cops showed up police say the teen pulled a gun in an attempted robbery. A second policeman nearby fired and killed Tate junior pronounced dead at the hospital. I don't have a closer Jimmy Malone says she knew none of this until it was reported on the news never came to me. Julia's mother, nor father and state anything on ABC six is Jeff Radic? There was a confrontation between family and his friends during the vigil. His mother believes the gun belong to one of his friends and she believes it could have been planted. OSU quarterback twain Haskins was a finalist for the highs. Been trophy. And in New York City for the ceremony last night. He finished third in the voting is Oklahoma quarterback. Cutler Murray was the winner. Your ABC six first warning weather forecast today, a mix of clouds, and it will be chilly with a high near thirty six tonight mostly clear with a low of twenty Monday. We'll see plenty of sunshine, but still cold and a high of only thirty four I'm Sean Gallagher. More news at the bottom of the hour and on demand at six ten WTVN dot.

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