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We were just dating or whatever dating for a long time and yeah, she would flirt with him and you know, and then like at one point we were at a New Year's party, and we were all kind of drinking inch pulled his pants down in front of everybody and I'm like what the F. doing like I got pissed. Like you need, you need to back up off my man, don't you touch him at all I was livid. Geez man. Oh, a couple of other quick text eight to nine, four, five. This one's semi ex girlfriend was one of my wife's best friends after we got married my ex admitted to still having feelings for me after she ended our relationship by ghosting, meet for three. Three months over Christmas and new years, then dumping me the day before Valentine's. So a lot of history without one Let's see female married, but I'm attracted to my husband's best friend I know nothing will happen between us. But the way he treats me as attractive. ooh Well, you boy you better be careful you. You'd think that nothing will ever happen but something my. As far as maybe he making a move or something. So you better mentally prepared for what? What? What happens. Let's see this other tax. Of course, we get in posted at ten o'clock at Frankie, Dot Com said I had a big crush, my friend's husband since high school she made fun of me for liking him. But then later they started dating. So it was it sounds like two girls liking the one guy and so once she found out the liked him, she went full force and they ended up getting married Oh. Wow. All right. We're GONNA come back here middle addition of Hollywood headlines for your Wednesday. So what are we getting into? The real deal with, Dr, draze pre-nup. Seven one ht's Franken, just show podcast here on iheartradio. Twenty minutes we're going to get through this. This'll be fun. So what was weird about the wedding? So we've had a lot of different stories that we've been hitting and giving you something to talk about and just in general on the show. Kinda group or lump sum of them together, and just throw that out what was weird about the wedding. So, was it a request that they had or just something may be you know requesting guests to where this or a theme, but there was something that was weird about the wedding. So we'll get into that about twenty minutes. We're GONNA, jump into the middle edition of Hollywood headlines brought to by Davis Vision and South Jordan this morning right now, you can save a thousand bucks off lay sick they have fifty spots on the list for the month of August..

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