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And twenty nine at Lanta Braves. You know what he gives them experience? Right now. They're two games back Philly in the division. Oh, it's funny. Everyone talked about the Yankees the last time the Yankees lost a free agent pitcher to the Braves lost added a bidding more was Greg Maddux went to the raids. That's more than twenty five years ago. I wonder if Keiko's wanna shave his beard, maybe that's why he didn't go to the Handke's. But the Braves their start your last eight games. Michael, there are a is over six game. So they need that experience kaikal could eat up innings. He's a ground ball pitcher. I think it was the right move to make an as you know, the great rates team from the nineties, they were built on pitching that's always been about, and this is a good movie. I'm with you. Forget is a good move into to quote, Tony channel my inner Tony go to the glasses. Twelve and eleven the twelve eleven lies. Here's white lies because it is final twenty starts last year. Dallas was three two three r eight and nine and three since the middle of June, aren't we approaching the middle of June? I mean he's not going to have to have all that wear and tear on his arm from spring training, April, and may, right. So I think this is a really smart by the last five years he's pitched at least two hundred plus he's pitched October, which is important. That's the one last break still to come wink in the cubs expect their new pitcher, a closer on the mouth and the women's World Cup is underway. The first match play today. I'll give you my thick when the whole thing. I just wanna hear Julie Foudy break this down. I mean I watched some of the original breakdown on the network. Julie's Foudy to me is the firing on all of this. Get happy people. Happy seventy fifth birthday Kazzia Russell one of the long forgotten great players in the history of college, and pro basketball he was the player of the year. Michigan a member young, one of the first Knicks championship team in nineteen seventy and he was dancing around the edges of a few other championships situations. And how about this note, the compensation for Russell leading, Golden State, and signing with the Lakers. The first round pick used to draft Robert Parish, Frank not bad. But how do you not mention that is cognate guy? Well, I, I was gonna leave that to you. I'm glad you cleaned up. By the way, Carver high school. He went to all men. Happy anniversary. Lebron James on this seven years ago while playing for the heat. Lebron delivered forty five points, fifteen rebounds, five assists in Boston in game six to stave off limitation hard to relearn now but at this point, LeBron had zero titles that was on the brink of another failed season in Miami at the time this was the most important and greatest game of his career fight, you know, Michael, I had the privilege of being in the building that night, that was a brilliant performance, and you're right. He loses that game. That's two years in a row in Miami. Getting knocked out without a title. Lot of pressure on them in that game, happy trails. Samak's Kepler's OC twenty one St. the twins leadoff man broke out of his mini slump by going four for four with three home runs against the Indians, Kepler's homes were as thirteen fourteen fifteen to the season pushed the twins past manners and back into major league lead with hundred seventeen home runs already think about this. He in Ted Williams, the only players in MLB. History to have three home runs against the Indians. Do it twice pretty impressive. When you're in the same group with Ted nice little bit. No heiress today. People we are running out of show. Let's get to the big finish activated DD gregorious, eight months after his Tommy, John surgery big deal. That's a huge deal. DD is big leader for that team. Joe Madden says Greg kimbrel could be ready in three weeks. Is that okay? Bye. I'm still worried. I mean, Strope gave up a home run in the ninth today, but we did beat the cardinals I was hoping out there sooner we need them Frank the patriots received there's two rings last night, the largest ones ever, I impressed with that. They got to figure out new ways..

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