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Well, I don't know if everybody you mentioned there was a. Journalist that okay Good one Jake yeah Jake. He's a, funny? Guy Now if everyone, mentioned there as a journalist. But, certainly Lester Holt is yeah. Because I agree, with less, I like, Lester Leicester's journalists. Sean Hannity of, course not he's on FOX, nobody on facts, as journalists except ship Smith and the others who described the president and other journalists Sean, doesn't say as. A journalist but. You do that's. The difference Sean is. Honest you're not Jake Green. Ideologue every now and then, you'll throw a, chrome out there so some conservative will say at Jake's pretty good luck he balances thing, look what he. Said over here. And he said. It but Jake Some of us are old enough, is enough We know what you're doing here fraud and you're not the only fraud at CNN CNN's filled. With frauds like Blitzer with his leading questions Don lemon donnas Iraq Brian stout there dumbest to rocks and? What, else, is over, oh Chris, Cuomo Dallas three racks CNN no? Ratings, and, yet there, they are So. I am Orosa has, a book coming out. And so you know we have to interview, she's very, important like, James, Komi a, liar a leaker but hey Got. To promote his story to anybody who writes, a book, trashing Trump And claims, on the thinnest read to have inside information like. This guy Michael Wolff they will push it and push it and push it That's why we know that the Pretoria Taurean guard media Protecting the left protecting the Democrats this is also why we know that not. A single major story involving the Faisal warrant the dossier The spine the Trump campaign and so forth was broken by CNN or MSNBC or any of them Because. Most of the sources that have been providing information. To the so-called news outlets are Trump hating sources they, don't wanna, get any of them in trouble they want to use them to, promote their ideological agenda We can have a free press. But that doesn't mean it's it suppress with any integrity It just means the government doesn't intervene so we have a free press because the government doesn't, intervene unless of course. You have a President Obama sixty. FBI on members of the media but apparently doesn't care So the press is free to do as it does but that doesn't mean what it, does is the truth Jake tapper you're fraud I'll.

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