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Harrison plus a deep dive into an old New York tale of a ghost ship a killer and the birth of a gangster with rich Cohen author of the last pirate of New York W. NYC FM H. T. and ATM New York this is all of it W. NYC I'm Alison Stewart coming up our house plants the new house pets our guest summer Rayne Oakes think so yeah that's a real name she is the founder of the blog homestead Brooklyn an offer of the new book how to make a plant love you cultivate green spaces in your home and heart you will take your calls plus a conversation with the artist behind nearer ecto tilt an exhibit at the new museum the fix performance is filmed in decommission the prisons and court houses and mark Maryland shell stop by to talk about their new film sort of trust we will get all of it I'm Alison Stewart and I'll meet you on the other side of the live from NPR news in Washington I'm Lakshmi saying a source tells NPR the president trump is expected to take executive action to add a citizenship question to the upcoming twenty twenty census drums expected to make an announcement a few hours we have more from NPR's Hansi along officials at both the justice and commerce departments have said the printing of census forms without the question has already started after the Supreme Court ruled last month to keep it off for now since your researchers have concluded the question is highly likely to discourage an estimated nine million people from taking part in the census especially among white next communities the constitution requires a head count once a decade of every person living in the U. S. regardless of citizenship status those numbers determine each state share of congressional seats and electoral college votes for the next decade on the long and your news New York immigrant rights advocates were nationwide rates may begin Sunday and run through the middle of next week the raids are expected to target migrant families who recently arrived in the U. S. and are under an immigration judge's orders to be removed immigration is likely to be a dominant issue when several democratic presidential candidates take voters' questions in a town hall in Milwaukee today's event hosted by the Latino civil rights organization luwak is also likely to address jobs and education among other topics that are important to Latin next voters across the U. S. holy on Castro better o'rourke Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are participating Wisconsin went for Donald Trump in twenty sixteen that was the first time in decades that a Republican had won the state in a presidential race in two thousand eight democratic nominee Hillary Clinton did not campaign in Wisconsin NASA has shaken up the management of its human space flight program and peers no greenfield voice reports that two top officials have been reassigned the abrupt management changes shocked many in the space flight community NASA's bill Gersten Meyer is respected and has led the agency's human spaceflight directorate for years but NASA administrator Jim Breitenstein said that he was reduced signing him to an advisory position that's widely seen as a demotion also reassigned is bill hill who was in charge of the new rocket in capsule NASA is building to go to the moon the moves come as the trump administration tries to speed up its return to the moon hoping to put the first woman and a man on the surface by twenty twenty four no green.

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