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Guy that by all accounts is a good guy and you know in the words of migos walked it like he talks it right no doubt about it and i think for a little orlando magic fans china out to kevin clarke from the ringer yeah the only magic fan in on the planet that i know of kevin has always been sad talking about his mood right down it's very depressing talking basketball with kevin clark but right now i think magic fan should be feeling pretty good because it's not just is either obama's lengthened defensive into the floor is altering shots around the room even if he doesn't get a hand on it i think with thirteen is so long with baba jonathan isaac melvin frazier out there wesley i wanna do they they are huge supper the whole floor with just those four guys let me ask at aaron gordon on with his new big contracts food they get some nice little employers because what happens is everybody goes to the games to see bomba and isaacs the one you're talking about i will tell you and you were king of the bomb believers the believers came kyle's laughing at the back king of the palm believers and so to go watch him and i'm not going to say i'm a full on bomb believer but i was very impressed i was i i was chugging bomba koolaid before we on this podcast he's going to arouse right i think we'll yeah what's going to befell him is people are going to look at the paper and they're gonna go four rebounds like what he's going to have those games he is once these guys just key is you can push him out of the way nineteen years old i think he just turned twenty but whatever he's still a young kid and he has an experienced nba strength and conditioning program and all that stuff well he'll get stronger it's gonna come a time for all these bigs but sometimes guys are a first punch guy right they throw the first punch ball's coming off the ram somebody bangs into somebody he's not that guy right he's the guy that typically gets banged and so that will come right he'll certainly when you're there in person he is one of these guys in my estimation that you do need to see in person to fully appreciate because it is an absolute freak show how long years it's yeah it's crazy i mean you know you it's one thing to read like eight foot wingspan and is the longest legates rudy gobert s whatever federal for nine of usa civic oh is that right when you see it in person though he's so much bigger than every him and he does well finishing heads i watched him hit a corner three of watched him dream chez it's like a tommy heinsohn as a line where he says he can tie issues about bending over skill yes for sure you know bomba i think all some of these bigs do look more impressive jaren jackson has had some nice moments as well window carter another guy that i really really liked he's in pretty damn good for the whole he's been great one of the knocks on him predraft is like oh you know the defenses concerning sluggish feet and like i always thought that was a little bit overblown and now that like his body looks a lot better it looks like he's really trim some body fat since the end of the season of duke which is to be expected when you're focusing exclusively on basketball he's looking better defensively in addition to the fact that like he can do some things on offense and we'll see how he pans out but i'm encouraged early on and both fans should be too the carter market in front court pretty fun and i've made some excuses for the duke kids obviously i was on the bagley train in in the whole offensive jumped off the train yeah hell no okay i was going to say don't say even though i'm not on a daily translates they don't trump off you know going in don't but i mean excuse for them defensively because listen they.

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