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To burn in south central Arizona about 1600 firefighters are battling the two fires that broke out earlier this month. They scorched At least 245 square Miles. So far, I don't want to sugarcoat anything here. These wildfires are devastating. The Telegraph and Mass Cal fires together have already burned over 150,000 acres. An area the same size as Chicago. Numerous communities have evacuated. Homes have been destroyed. People and pets have been forced to leave belongings behind. Now it's clear that we've got a lot more work to do, and the response will not end. Even when these fires are put out When this year's monsoon rains come, These burned areas are prone to landslides, mudslides and flooding which pose another threat to this community. We must do more to combat these fires and prevent the fallout from any subsequent challenges. That's why today I'm announcing that I'm calling a special session. To make sure we have the resources and manpower needed to contain the wildfires prepare for possible flooding in any other natural disasters that arise from this emergency. Whether or not Ducey needed to call that special session is doubtful. The Legislature remains in session as lawmakers try to get enough votes to pass a budget and massive tax cuts and they don't.

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