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Am here with bills on hello everyone. You know, I should send you some new bells today because I went on instinct magazine yesterday. Later in the day and I saw the most lovely profile story of me. I'm just saying answer new year's resolutions, and I was like, I wonder if it has a byline on it. And I looked and who wrote it, but I dear friend Cory Andrew, you are a great friend. Everybody needs to have a Corey in their life. Thank you. To have you. Hey, let's jump into the show. We've got so much gossip to get to. What time is it my friend? It is. So we have a bit of a shocking story at the top of the show. Noah. How I don't like dirty words, and I hate talking about sex, but this story is blowing up. So we're going to do it in a naughty but nice way so don't worry. You don't have to run away or turn the sound down. We will be will be okay about this, but it's a little bit racy. So Scott Disick, I love him. He does make me laugh he's so naughty. Says Scott seemingly asks Kim Kardashian about Pete Davidson's big penis I said that. She believe referred to the comedians, quote, tripod. When he was commenting on Kim's very, very sexy bikini picture. Kim posted a very, very sexy bikini picture. She's on vacation with Pete right now. Pete's not in the picture. It's Kim lying there. In sort of a brown swimsuit, it's a lovely color. It looks so beautiful, but it's almost skin tone. So at first I thought Kim was naked, but she's not. She's lying, then she captioned it. Sweet, sweet, fantasy baby. I should say, well, disorder the picture. And within moments, he wrote the following Don, where's the tripod? It took me a moment to figure it all out. I even went to urban dictionary to look up a definition of what a tripod. Quote, this is a definition here, everybody, so this is from the dictionary reason it's nothing wrong with that. Quote, a man with a penis so big, it can be interpreted as a hurdle. Resembling a tripod down. Oh my goodness. Let's point out this is not the first time we've heard about this subject matter. When he was engaged to Ariana Grande, she claims that Pete has big DICK energy. You know what? Yeah. And so that's what I sort of became aware of. Ariadne is a huge star and she let us all know that she thinks Pete is ten inches long. I'm so embarrassed to be talking about this. But Ariana Grande talks about it. Now pizza's also joked about his manhood, now Scott Disick is asking the question carefully Cory. What's going on? Yes, very carefully. Well, I'll just say, first of all, Ariana had the perfect last name, so she should have stayed with them. But you know, it's funny about that. You know, this does come up a lot and even Bethany frankel had a little joke that she said, you know, a few weeks ago about it. And I don't know for me though, I just don't think there's something about him. Every time I see him, he just does not look like he looks so disheveled and like he hasn't taken a shower. I don't know. I can't see the sexy. A couple of days ago I was talking to Mark lupo about this on the show for a while, Pete and Ariana lived in the same building as me. They lived here. In Chelsea, and I remember going to the bank. It was a Chase Bank in my building. And I remember like, oh, standing behind this scruffy devil. There was sort of cute in a way that wouldn't normally interest me. And I think it was his confidence, and so this guy was in front of me, he was taken a long time. I didn't know it was Pete Davidson. I didn't. And but he was sort of had this energy about him. There's something about Pete maybe Scott Disick is telling us exactly what that something is clearly. Maybe it's just got this sort of cool swagger about him. He's got this energy about him. Clearly the ladies love these and Scott might have revealed why. Kim hasn't responded, I can't believe this is the lead story of our show. Anyway, we want to know what you think about this before we get ourselves in any more trouble. Scott Disick. Seemingly asks Kim Kardashian about Pete Davidson's very large, you know what? Is this funny? Or is this just way too much information? Is it funny? Or is it too much information? He get votes on our Twitter page at naughty nice rum, where our Facebook page which is naughty gos and miss you to check back on Monday to hear your results. What are you working on now? Yes, well, we are changing gears a little bit from my story. Yes. Betty White, our dear Betty White, she will have a private funeral because the beloved star did not want people to make a fuss over her. So sweet, just like Betty to be that way. But her longtime rep and friend, Jeff witches, he told people that the arrangements are being handled privately and that was Betty's wish. He says it's unknown when the ceremony will take place, but white did die as we all know on December 31st, at the age of 99 of natural causes at her home in Brentwood, California, and it was just a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday on January 17th. I'm a January baby two. So I'm gonna feel like I'm connected now to miss white and another way. But in a statement, which just has said in a statement that, even though Betty was about to be 100, he says, I thought she would live forever. I will miss her terribly and so will the animal world who she loved so much and I don't think Betty ever feared passing because she always wanted to be with her most beloved husband, Alan, and she believed she would see Alan again and you know rob the stories last week, right, of apparently her last word when she was right before she died. She looked up, and she said, Alan. Oh, it's so beautiful. Well, let me assure you her manager. Betty will live forever. She might not be here, but she will live on forever and ever and ever. What a beautiful story. I'm just saying that Cory, when I go, I want a funeral like witness Houston. I want a big funeral, I'm on you singing. I'm on everybody trying. I'm.

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