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Tom president trump attended a state dinner in hanoi his latest is extended asia trip before arriving in vietnam's capital near meetings at the apec summit he and russian president vladimir putin informally challenger the president speaking to reporters on air force one the topic of russian meddling he says came up president trump says the ongoing diversity and investigation into russia's election meddling is hurting his relationship with president bush and putin resident told reporters that he really believes when he says he didn't meddling last year's election ah mr trump also said he'd putin is quote very insulted by all the and that is not a good thing uh that he can argue with putin on this issue and rather together to work with him on syria in ukraine karen travers abc news traveling with the president on air force one some gop leaders of backed away from alabama senate candidate war following allegations washington post this week that he had a sexual in the 1970s more denying those johns and calls the reports a political attack the election a month away it's too late to take more off the ballot abc news political consultant matthew doubt explains laugh at there's two people on the ballot stays away it is the distort the democrat doug jones whose there in the race the other two options are launcher right campaign liked bhd combat senator strange get him elected on the ballot or three there is some discussion of uh uh in the election by the republican or next year and figuring out a way outlet messed abc's matthew dowd in the.

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